Keeping a well-maintained vehicle can make a difference to how well it performs on the road as you drive. It also ensures that your ride is safe and secure, and it usually has a longer lifespan and reliable performance. One aspect of vehicle maintenance is changing its oil, as it affects how your engine operates while it is on the road. It is also considered the motor’s lifeblood as it aids in performing essential functions on how it operates. With that in mind, here are the types of motor oils to know which one is the best type for your engine.

Diesel Engine Oil vs. Gas Engine Oil

The engine oil you should get is greatly dependent on the engine of your vehicle. Diesel engine service and a gasoline engine require different types of oil, and it is crucial to know the difference between them as it can affect your motor’s performance in the long run.

The main difference between the two types of oil is in a special additive: zinc dialkyldithiophosphate designed to reduce wear on the motor and seep through the engine’s combustion chamber. Other differences are the viscosity and the amount of additives in them, as diesel engine oil contains more viscosity and higher levels of additives and detergents. Diesel motors also generate more significant amounts of soot than gasoline motor oil.

Which Diesel Engine Oil to Choose

As not all diesel engine oils in the market are equally made, selecting which type is suited for your vehicle can depend on factors such as price range, driving conditions, and service life. Generally, three types of engine oils are available in the market, all with distinct features and characteristics.

  • Conventional

Conventional engine oil is the oldest and one of the cheapest in the market. Brand new vehicles typically come with conventional engine oil automatically, and it is ideal for vehicle owners with conventional driving styles and simple engine designs. It offers a basic level of protection, and it can require you to more frequent changes as it can last you for around 3000 miles.

  • Synthetic Blend

This type of oil is essentially a combination of conventional motor oil and synthetic oil that enables better wear protection than conventional oil. It also does better in fuel economy and engine performance, with a much more forgiving price tag than fully synthetic oil. 

  • Fully Synthetic

Fully synthetic oil is purely made in laboratories by licensed chemists who designed its composition specifically for maximum engine performance and fuel efficiency. It is reliable when it comes to better protection of the motor from wear and tear and the prevention of mineral deposits.

If you are looking for more information on which oil is best suited for your engine, here is an infographic provided by Pure Diesel Power.



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