WAV is a common abbreviation for Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

With so many different types of wheelchair accessible Vehicles available it is often difficult to choose which is the right mobility vehicle for you. We have compiled this brief WAV buyers guide to help you make the right decision.

The most essential Element when considering a wheelchair Accessible vehicle is size with accessibility and headroom for your wheelchair passenger function as the prime concern. It is essential to ensure that the person who you are buying the vehicle for can actually get into the adapted vehicle readily and after onboard have sufficient space and headroom. Taller wheelchair users, that is wheelchair users that sit quite tall in their wheelchairs, may have trouble entering the vehicle as a result of restricted doorway heights, sitting upright in the vehicle due to low roof peaks and suffer poor visibility due to reduced windows or windscreens. More details can be found on www.wheelchair-accessible-vehicles.uk website for wheelchair accessible vehicles buyers guide.

WAVs with reduced floors offer an excellent solution for all of the above problems and offer greatly reduced recoil angles for ease of accessibility. High roof vehicles may also provide improved access for wheelchair users either using a straightforward on-board ramp, with or without the advantage of a powered accessibility winch, or much more generally a powered wheelchair elevator. These are inclined to be bigger vehicles which likely will not fit into your garage but do provide extra seating positions if required, which is another important element.


Bigger vehicles do offer more room, but they also consume More distance and access to car parks may be limited. Many WAVs traders have a huge choice of wavs provides you with a far better chance of selecting the right vehicle for your requirements.


Smaller Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles begin with only 2 Some streamlined WAVs may offer 5 seats but normally they need the folding forward of a rear twin seat to attain wheelchair access (i.e. 5 chairs or 3 seats + wheelchair) MPV sized mobility vehicles tend to include 4 chairs as standard (particularly when they have a complete length lowered floor) but a few provide 5 seats as standard such as our Ford Galaxy Liberty.

Larger accessible vehicles range generally from 4 to 6 seats with the vehicle size, design and accessibility method being crucial whilst big wheelchair accessible vehicles such as our Renault Master AX-S offer around 8 or even 9 seats as standard. More chairs normally mean a bigger vehicle which generally means more cost. Try not to re-evaluate your requirement.

Normally installed in slightly bigger vehicle, for example look at these big vehicles like Volkswagen Caravelle, Vauxhall Vivaro or Renault Trafic. They are usually accessed by a fold out ramp at the rear door, sometimes with the assistance of a powered access winch, an on-board wheelchair lifts either at the rear or nearside door or an underfloor wheelchair lift at the side door. The Significant advantage is that This type of vehicle does not want such a high amount of conversion and also can Usually accommodate more passengers as a result.

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