Alloy Wheels maximize the appeal as well as the overall value of the car. They are prone to chips, cracks, and scrapes. Stalling at a junction or running over a large pothole at speed often damages the alloy wheels.

If alloy wheels have taken an absolute battering, get them checked and repaired ASAP. There is far more to alloy wheels than many vehicle owners anticipate. This comprehensive guide lets you familiarize yourself with this particular repair to restore your wheels to prime conditions.

Why Do Alloy Wheels Need to be Repaired?

It is a common occurrence for alloy wheels to get damaged around the outer rim. The damage is usually caused by kerb scuffs, potholes, and speed bumps. Although the damage is inevitable, it is wise to restore and repair the wheels timely to make them look brand new.

Maintaining the alloy wheel not only adds the aesthetic appeal and preserves the overall car value. Damaged alloy wheels are potentially dangerous to drive with, therefore, should be repaired by issaquah wa tire repair.

Best Way To Get Your Alloy Wheel Repairs

DIY alloy wheel repair kits are available to fix minor scratches and issues. These over-the-counter kits work to an extent and can not be a replacement for professional services.

Take your car to the trusted alloy wheel repair services for a spotless repair job and professional finish.

How Are Alloy Wheels Repaired?

The following steps are followed for repairing alloy wheels.

  • Cleaning – First of all, alloy wheels are cleaned thoroughly for proper inspection and assessment of the damage.
  • Taking Off The Tyre – Depending on the extent of damage, tires are either taken off or taped off while carrying out the repairs. In case of minor damage or small projects, tires are usually left on the car during the refurbishment.
  • Repairing Cracks, Scuffs, and Scrapes – Sand down scuffs and scrapes to be smooth, and use fillers for chips. If alloy wheels have picked up cracks, fix them by welding the metal together.
  • Paint Alloy Wheels – Once the repair is done, the alloy is then primed or painted to restore its color. At the customer’s request, it can also be treated with a coating to prevent rust and damage.

How Much Does Alloy Wheel Repairs Cost?

It is not similar to other repair procedures, therefore, obtaining a ballpark figure is tough. The repair cost largely depends on the size of the wheel, the extent of damage, and the current state.

More often than not, it is significantly cheaper than the alloy wheel replacement. Call local professional repair services, they will offer you a quote after assessing the damage.

Do DIY Alloy Wheel Repair Kits Work?

These kits contain sandpaper, a filler, primer, and paint. They have enough supplies to fix minor issues. If you can happily settle for a ‘slightly acceptable’ finish, repair it yourself with an over-the-counter DIY kit. Seek professional help for a perfect finish.

If your alloy wheels are kerbed or scraped, luckily, there are many Wheel Refurbishment Services to make them look as good as new again.

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