Private vehicles create a significant impact and contribute a lot to the better of the economy. It makes things more convenient and bearable. Buying and owning a car is one of the most significant investments that could ever have as same as owning any property. With a considerable amount of time, you could decide if you want to sell it to spend money on something you like more. Also, you could choose to trade it for different things that also have better advantages for you and features. The independence of having an own car is tied with satisfaction. For you could go whenever and wherever you want to go, without waiting for others to make accommodations for you. Thus, driving your vehicle makes your life a lot more convenient.

Car insurances also become prominent; it is designed to protect you against any financial losses if you are involved in an accident or damage the vehicle somehow. It also offers reassurance if the car is stolen, vandalized, and even if it is damaged by a natural disaster where you could blame no one for fault. Thus, car insurance is a contract between the car owner and an insurance company, wherein it has indicated that you agree to pay in exchange for their protection against specific scenarios that they have given.

Comprehensive car insurance in PH is a car insurance policy that includes certain damages to your vehicle that is not due to a collision with other cars. It is commonly required on leased vehicles and on the cars that are being paid through a loan.

Some of the types of damages that are usually covered by comprehensive insurance are listed below:

  • Windstorms
  • Earthquakes
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Falling or flying objects
  • Windshield damage
  • Theft 
  • Contact with animals
  • Hail

In addition, comprehensive insurance is a type of coverage that you could take optionally, and it will add to your liability insurance; this gives additional protection for accidents.

If you have decided to buy a vehicle and have it insured to have some of the advantages mentioned previously, you might consider having repo cars. With that, below is an infographic from ICHOOSE PH that tackles some advantages and disadvantages of buying bank-repossessed cars:


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