If someone is in the great need of something that could be bigger than a minivan which is converted then the best option could be the full size wheelchair vans. These vans have now again brought into the spotlight after it was disappeared in the past few years. These types of vehicles are perfect for accommodating a large family within it and the family may have some physically disabled member as well.

There are many advantages while using the full size wheelchair vans. None other vehicle could be so beneficial and advantageous for the disabled people as the one mentioned above. Some of the advantages could be as follows:

  • More space- The height of the roof is about 76” and the volume is around 460 cubic feet. This is the measurement of the van after removing the seats.
  • More flexible- The seating configurations could be changed in many possible ways.
  • Much more savings– The engine installed in these vans are quite effective and efficient. It saves about 50% of the fuel and saves a lot of money thereafter.
  • Many more options for the business– These vans are quite adjustable. We can remove seats and in place of those seats we could even make some space free for the luggage, additional passengers and also cargo. There are many other wheel chair options as well for the people who are physically disabled.
  • Lowering system along with ramp– Apart from using power to lift up and down the wheelchair there is a better way of transporting people. The other way could be simply using a rear of that particular vehicle and along with that a wide ramp of about 35.8” could be beneficial. This option is applicable in replace of using hauling equipments.
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