The auto tinting is obviously essential especially for cars because of the numerous benefits such as preventing glare both in day and night, protection from UV rays, keeping your car extra cool and eventually save fuel in relation to minimal use of air conditioning, ensuring privacy, preventing fading of the interior, ensuring glass protection etc. High-quality film tints can give you 90% of protection from UV rays provided they are appropriately and skilfully installed by professionals like Tech Teinte. However, car tinting across the world is regulated by different laws and regulations because of various reasons.

You may have legal complications if you do not abide with the appropriate car tinting rules and laws as per your country. The window tint laws in Canada is different in each province and you may have to follow the rules and regulations of car tinting in your province. The windshield and front side windows tinting are not permitted in most of the provinces in Canada. However, you can tint your car including the windshield and front side windows with permitted darkness in certain provinces like Manitoba, Quebec, and New Brunswick. You can tint the windshield up to 7.5 cm in British Columbia but cannot tint the front side because it is restricted.

Car tinting is completely prohibited in the province of Yukon in Canada whereas windshield and front side windows tinting is completely restricted in the provinces of Alberta, Newfoundland, NW Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward, and Saskatchewan. However, you can have any tint darkness for back side windows and rear windshield in these provinces except the province of Yukon where car tinting is completely restricted.

However, though car tinting including the windshield, front side windows, back side windows and rear window tinting is permitted in three provinces of Canada namely Quebec, Manitoba and New Brunswick, it is regulated with a certain amount of darkness and you cannot do any tinting there. 

In Quebec, you can do top 15 cm or 6 inches tinting to your windshield and must have over 70% VLT of your front side windows which can block 30% of light. You can tint any darkness to your backside window and rear window as per your choice. However, in Quebec as well as in many other provinces of Canada you must have exterior rear-view mirrors in your car especially if your rear window is tinted. On the other hand, reflective tint is not permitted in Quebec. There is no medical exemptions on tinting laws in Quebec and tinting certificates as well as tint sticker requirements are not legally applicable or not required in the province.

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