We all want our bikes and two wheelers to look perfect and without any blemish. But with so many things that can go wrong like even a small key scratching the paint, a bike scratch remover polish would be like a gift sent from heaven.

Bike paint is made up of several layers and one needs to figure out the damage done before trying to fix it. From the outside layer first, a bike will have a wax coating if applied, then a clear coat followed by a paint layer and then the primer. Beneath the primer is the metal body.

Although not all scratches can be removed on your own and you should know which ones are but just a lost cause and take professional help to clean them up instead. Usually such a scratch will also have a dent as it must have been via an accident. As a general rule of thumb, any scratch that shows the metal beneath should be taken as early as possible to the paint shop to avoid corrosion issues. But smaller scratches that do not cut into the metal can easily be removed with a touch up spray paint for bikes and scooters.

Most of the damage to the outer coats that does not hit the paint will be almost invisible and will be only visible to the naked eye at an angle. However, if the scratch is clearly visible under lights without the metal body exposed, then it is a job you can do with a touch up spray.

Bike scratch removers are very fine abrasive compounds of various items that are held together in a liquid suspension with a filler in it to hide any damage to the deeper cracks and scratches. Any scratch remover works by first abrading the area around the scratch and lowering the material until it matches with the light scratch that then makes it invisible.

A good way to clean up smaller scratches is to apply a generous amount of the shade-matched touch up spray and rub it in until the scratch is gone. If you are in the habit of applying wax then this work will be easier as it provides an extra layer of protection to your paint. After this round of rubbing and after the scratch is removed, you should apply wax all over to return everything to that perfect, factory smooth, shiny finish.

Do remember to be gentle with the rubbing in of the polish or you might work into the paint and make the scratch worse. Product selection is the key to this scratch removal process along with the right technique but if you follow this advice, then you could be on the road again with your flawless looking bike.

A word of caution – there might be products available in the market that claim to be excellent bike scratch remover polish. There might even be sellers who claim to have a scratch remover pen for bike that can magically vanish the scratches on your bike. Our advice is to stay away from such products as they might do more harm than good. Com-Paint’s touch up Spray Paint for Bikes & Scooters is specially formulated for two-wheelers and is available in multiple shades specific to various Motorcycles & Scooter brands and their variants.

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