Okay so you have been going on long road trips all month, you have covered long-distance journeys and have travelled through the rough countryside terrains and now your motorcycle is covered in dust, mud, dead bugs and God knows what.

Fortunately, it is weekend or you may have finally found some time to wash your motorbike. As a responsible motorbike rider, you should always have in mind that dust that accumulates on your motorcycle will not only make it looks less appealing and stylish but it can also reduce your engine performance and may damage your motorcycle parts.

A dirty motorbike will seriously hinder the peak performance of the engine and accumulated dust and mud in parts like motorcycle shocks can make them stuck that will ultimately mean a hard and uncomfortable bike ride.

However, the good thing about washing a motorbike is that you can do it easily with a handful of things. Unlike cars, you do not have to go to any washing stations and spend heavily on washing your bike. With the right cleaning items, you can easily wash and shine your motorbike in your backyard or front lawn.

Before you go about cleaning your bike, I should make it clear that there is such a thing as a bag and a good wash. You cannot simply use a bucket and cloth and spend 10 minutes washing your bike and can call it clean.  Attention to detail is the key factor while cleaning your motorbike. A wash should not just simply remove the dust from your bike but it should also ensure all parts of your bike are thoroughly cleaned for maximum performance.

In order to effectively clean your motorbike follow our top 5 steps to ensure effective cleaning of your bike.

Step 1: Prepare to wash

It is very important to have the right tools and cleaning items to thoroughly clean your motorbike. Run an inventory check and make sure you have the essential items like mitt-cloths, old paint-brushes, cleaning products of your choice, and water buckets. You can also buy a motorcycle polish that can bring out the shine of your motorcycle hard saddlebags if you any equipped for your bike.

Step 2: Prepare your motorbike

After you have gathered all the required cleaning items it is time to prepare your motorbike for washing. De-attach all of your motorcycle luggage bags before starting to wash your bike. Because most of the motorcycle bags can get damaged if direct water is poured on them. Also, disengage any digital devices attached to your bike like any phone charger or GPS device. Any device that water can damage ensure to disengage them.

Step 3: Start cleaning

Now that you have completed the initial preparations it is time for you to get on with the cleaning process. Use all the cleaning products and items that you have at your arsenal and make sure you wash every area of the bike and where your hands cannot go, use the paintbrush to brush off the accumulated dust and mud. The best way is to cover your bike with soap or cleaning agents and then properly rinse off with water. You can also use high-pressure water pumps to rinse off any sticky residues that might be stuck on your bike.

Step 4: Dry your bike

It is highly advised that you thoroughly dry your bike with preferably a microfiber cloth or a towel. To avoid getting water in the engine or carburetor make sure you pull out the ignition plug and dry it properly. Because if there is water in the ignition plug it will prevent your bike from starting. Now will be the time to use any polish that you may have to get that extra shine out of your bike that you eagerly crave.

Step 5: Lubricate

Washing your bike can remove all the oils applied to your motorbike’s body parts. After all the cleaning is done, make sure you oil every part of your motorbike carefully especially your motorbike’s brakes and chain. Oiling after washing your bike will improve your bike’s performance and will ensure it is in peak condition.

Washing your bike can be a fun and a necessary part of owning a motorbike. Where you use your bike for going to adventurous and distant places it is only essential that you also take care of your ride’s performance and maintenance needs. Regularly washing your motorbike will not only make it appealing but will also add to the health and performance of your bike.



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