Maintaining a seamless operation necessitates an effective traffic flow. Today, most vehicle scales are situated above or on concrete pit foundations. Scales can also be put in a small pit, as opposed to the deep hole required by earlier mechanical scales, depending on state or regional laws. Since longer approaches are necessary for above-ground layouts, a pit installation takes up less room than an above-ground scale. Sump pumps and drainage systems are required for pit styles, and they are more susceptible to corrosion because of the possibility for water to accumulate.

To guarantee that your truck scale lasts as long as possible and provides the optimum performance, good site design is critical. Your truck scale provider may assist you in making the optimum choice of location, taking into account your operation’s traffic flow, the ideal placement for a foundation, electrical and conduit needs, soil conditions and drainage, simplicity of maintenance and accessory locations, etc. Make sure there is enough area around the scale for driver safety and maintenance. There are plenty of truck-scale foundation designs that can prove beneficial in many aspects.

Deep Pier Foundation

To avoid the damage that freeze-thaw temperatures may do to foundations, the deep pier foundation is used in colder climates. Consult with your scale supplier to see if your application calls for a deep pier foundation or if your state and location need a deep pier or another specialised foundation design. A soil-bearing pressure of 2,500-3,000 PSF is required for the deep pier foundation, the same as it is for isolated pier foundations.

Shallow Pier Foundation

Lower pier foundations are economical for truck scale sites with enough soil compaction and warmer climates that do not have frost line problems.

Floating Slab Foundation

For truck scales and weighbridges with a complete slab base, a single batch of concrete is poured along the whole length of the vehicle’s backend. Designed for land with a minimum soil bearing pressure of 1,500 PSF, this is the second most cost-effective foundation type. A floating slab foundation may be appropriate for your application and location if it also fits state and regional restrictions.

Pit Foundation

From two to six feet, the pit foundation is offered in a variety of depths. In order to meet federal, state and municipal regulations, your pit depth should be tailored to your specific needs.

Drainage Away from Truck Scale

Another consideration for truck scale foundations is water drainage and preventing accumulation under the truck scale or excessive water in the pit. Scale components must be preserved by ensuring that water drains away from the foundation efficiently. In order to allow the water to flow away from the scale, the installation site must have appropriate drainage.

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