There is a saying that goes something like “All the Gear, all the time” that basically means as bike motorbike rider you are not supposed to even ride your motorbike if you do not have the proper bike riding safety gear.

Not having motorcycle safety gear can expose you to the risks of serious injuries in case of a crash or accident. Even if you are a careful and law-abiding bike driver chances are someone else will cause an accident and without essential safety gear, you may face serious consequences.

Automobile experts have revealed that as high as 90% of the time motorbike accidents are caused by someone else other than the rider. Most of the time the accidents are caused by car owners who fail to see the motorcycle riders at night time. Wearing proper motorcycle gear not only can protect you from injuries it can also, increase your visibility in dark areas so the chances of a crash can be reduced.

There are a high amount of motorbike riders who think motorbike safety gear means wearing only a helmet. That is not the case, motorbike safety gear is more than just wearing a helmet, as it includes all the other essential items like motorcycle jackets, gloves, pants, tracksuits, and boots. From more visibility to injury protection here are top 5 ways by which wearing motorcycle safety gear can save your life.

Number 1: By protecting you from injury

Safety gear items are specifically designed to protect the driver from road injuries in case of a crash happens. And maximum protection from injuries can only be possible if you wear all the essential motorcycle riding safety gear. Wearing a helmet can only protect your head while the rest of your body will be exposed to the injuries.

Similarly wearing only safety jackets or boots will provide limited protection and can expose your rest of the body to injuries. Therefore for maximum protection, while riding your motorbike ensure you wear all the safety gear items like jackets, helmets, gloves, and boots. All of these motorcycle rising gear items are specifically built to provide you armor and can absorb the impact of a fall while making you secure from any life-threatening or open-wound injury.

Number 2: By increasing your visibility

Wearing motorcycle safety gear like jackets and full bodysuits do not just add to your aesthetics and style, they are also designed for increasing the motorbike rider’s visibility in dark areas. Specially crafted light-reflecting, lines, patches and linings on the helmets and motorcycle riding jackets are built to increase your visibility, so in the night time or dark areas other drivers can see you properly and chances of any collisions are minimized.

Number 3: By increasing your comfort level

Wearing regular clothes while riding your motorbike can be very irritating. Your clothes may not be comfortable enough for you to wear on your long road trips as your rough jeans and tight boots will begin to itch or even smell in hot weather. And uncomfortable clothing will only distract and irritate you while driving that can divert your attention from driving and can increase the chances of a crash. Bike riding safety gear ensures maximum comfortability so that you can focus on driving.

Number 4: By increasing weather resiliency

Wearing motorcycle safety gear can increase your ability to withstand any type of weather as motorcycle riding safety gear items are specifically built to endure any weather conditions. Features like ventilation, insulation, and de-attach able inside jacket linings can ensure you are ready to face any weather situation.

Ability to drive comfortably through rough weather is very important as a large number of accidents happen due to weather conditions like heavy rains and extreme winds. Your safety gear can increase your comfort level as a motorcycle riding safety gears are specifically built according to the dynamics of weather situations.

Number 5: By protecting your vulnerable areas

Motorcycle safety gear items are heavily equipped with shock-absorbing pads to protect your vulnerable body areas like head, hip, knees, joints, elbows, ankles and hands that can be injured severely if not properly protected.

To protect maximum areas of your body it is important that you do not overlook the importance of any safety gear item. All the safety gear items are crucial and designed for protecting your body to the fullest extent.

Motorbike riding has its fun and benefits but it is vital for motorbike riders to understand the importance of wearing proper safety gear any fatal injury can be life-threatening and in order to ensure maximum protection wearing a motorcycle safety gear is essential.

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