In a somewhat ‘point-blank’ approach, most bikers ride because it makes them cooler. Other than this simple fact, riding brings a blend of pleasure, relaxation, freedom, and a little bit of adrenaline. It is more like chasing a high, well, if you’re one who enjoys the tingle the wind carries as it hits your face. Being a motorcycle trader I have heard all the reasons there are of why people get bikes. 

For me, I could never get enough of the bliss of riding. However, if you’re seeking more logical reasons other than the thrill, then here is a list of every possible reason riding will transform your life. 

Improves your health

Take it or leave it; riding can help you burn a few calories. Though a low-impact exercise, motorcycling gives your muscles a good workout, and for an hour-long of riding, a 180-pound rider is likely to lose 40 calories. 

Riding also increases your alertness and leaves your mind calmer and incandescently happier than before. It’s good therapy for your mental health. 

Easy commute

Two-wheelers are more flexible and will definitely get you to work sooner and less annoyed, to say the least. In some states, motorcycles can ride between lanes, just convenient to save you from traffic. 

Easy parking

Well, there is no better feeling than quickly sliding into a tiny parking sport a bulky SUV was trying to squeeze into. Even better, most parking lots allow bikes in for free. With these two, you can smoothly run your errands faster than when driving.

Saves at the pump

Motorcycles are economically affordable compared to cars – of course, with the exemption of superbikes. With the inflated fuel prices, many have reverted to owning motorbikes to save a few bucks. Bikes can cover between 60 to 70 miles per gallon; hence a majority of commuters opt for these economical two-wheelers (some even get to 100 miles per gallon!).

Low environmental impact

Motorcycle transport has lower environmental costs compared to other automobiles. To begin with, bikes are long-lasting vehicles as they lack rust-prone bodywork. Secondly, their emissions are generally lower compared to car emissions. They significantly reduce congestion, and with the current development of E-bikes, petrol bikes will gradually go off the market.

With these few reasons (the list is endless), I hope I was lucky enough to talk you around acquiring a bike to help boost your overall well-being as well as save time. Oh! Let’s not leave out the fun.

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