The tyre is one of the most important parts of a bike and well-maintained tyres ensure longevity, great performance and good ride quality. The best scooty for ladies 2019 tyres are in good quality and it is easy to replace. Besides the performance, the bike tyre plays a huge role in ensuring a rider is not a risk. But like all an engine and rubber parts, the tyres are prone to wear and tear then the tyre too is no exception. Here are certain things that help you to replace your bike tyres are listed below:


The wear is the most common sign that your tyre should no longer be in use and need to consult a tire change technician anchorage ak. You can easily judge your bike tyre by looking at a first sight if the sign occurs. If you are concerned about the passion plus mileage, it is crucial for processing the wellness of the tyres. For this, the tyre manufacturer puts the Tyre Wear Indicator mark on the sidewall of the tyre. These signs come with the triangular arrow that indicates a level of wear after which the tyre should not be used further. If the tyre wears out of the curved surface area to Tyre Wear Indicator mark, then it is the correct time for you to change your bike tyre.

Uneven tread wear

Sometimes, the tyre will not get worn out completely but it does not mean that it requires no attention. The tyre shapes matters are lot in determining whether it would be fit in future for you or not. A most common form of the uneven wear is squarish wear of a tyre in which that tyre gets worn out from the centre portion of a tread.

Age of tyre

Even if your bike tyre is not worn out and it does not have the cut marks in your tyre and there exists another factor determining its usability for the future and that is its age. Most of the tyre manufacturers suggest that you should not use the tyre after five years. The reason behind this suggestion is oils in the rubber are evaporates over a time and it causes the rubber to harden up. If you need to know the manufacturing date of your bike tyre, then look at your tyre for the four-digit number on it. The first two digits represent a week number and the last two-digit numbers are a year of its manufacturing. If you have a desire to make your tyre for the last longer than keep your tyre in a good condition and maintain your tyre pressure and check it regularly.

Too many punctures or cuts

If your bike tyre has too many punctures and cuts then you need to be changed on priority as it damages can make it unfit for future use. A lot of cuts appearing in your bike tyre leads to creating uneven contact patchiness that will hamper the quality and performance of your dream bike.

Final thoughts

Therefore, these are certain things you need to know about when you will need to replace your bike? Follow the above-mentioned tips and have a safe and happy journey.

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