Tip 1 – Stay calm & pull over.

First, take a deep breath. Safely navigate off the road, turn your flashers on, and put your car in park. Make sure you put as much space as possible between you and oncoming traffic, so you can safely exit the vehicle when the time comes.

Tip 2 – Stay put, and make any necessary phone calls or texts.

Car trouble can be incredibly unsettling. Before you call a tire change provider anchorage ak or try to get out of the car, stay where you are and call your employer, spouse, friend, or anyone else who needs to know where you are.

Tip 3 – No spare? Call Gainesville mobile truck tire repair

If you don’t have a spare or are dealing with issues besides the flat tire (car won’t start, etc.), not to worry. Trusted Tire repair stockton ca offers emergency roadside assistance, flat tire change, and towing services. We’ll be on the scene quickly to help you out and get you back on the road safely.

Tip 4 – If you have a spare, use it.

If you have a spare tire and know how to put it on, go for it! A spare tire is always a better option than a tire plug, which is more likely to bust your tire a second time due to poor hold.

If you have a blowout while driving, your car will suddenly lose control and become difficult to steer. If the tire goes flat, steering will be difficult also.

When this happens, pull your vehicle off the road to a safe location. If you have to drive on the rim of the tire for a short distance, that is fine. It is better to be safe. The rim is replaceable. Once you get to a stopping spot, decide if it is safe to get out of the vehicle. If it is not, call for roadside assistance; do not exit the car. You can even call a tire shop raleigh nc if they are nearby for help.

If you can get out of the car, access the damage. Can you change the tire? Learn how to take off a tire and replace it before you need to do it in real life. Carry a tire inflator, like fix-a-flat, in your emergency roadside kit. If the tire is flat, try inflating it with the canister. The can attaches to the tires valve stems.in any emergency feel free to contact Gainesville mobile truck tire repair.

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