Having fabrics that are water-resistant and water repellent is necessary for this wet season. Most DIY water-resistant garments are done using Hydrophobic Coating. And while you can easily spray your cloth wears and make them waterproof, you need some professional hydrophobic coating technology to have completely water-repellent fabrics.

Here are a few essential things you have to know about this technology

1. Definition: 

A superhydrophobic coating is a thin water-repellent surface layer made from superhydrophobic materials. These materials provide surface roughness and tenacity that makes water bounce off. Superhydrophobic coating differs from other types of coatings in the degree to which it repels water.

2. Types of superhydrophobic coatings: 

There are two types: Rain repellent, which is the coating applied to vehicle windscreens to allow drivers to see during rainfall, and Durable water-repellent, which is the type applied to fabrics to protect them from water and rain.

Both types are made from the same basic chemicals(compounds of zinc, silicon, carbon, etc.), but the Rain repellent has a few other chemicals to improve visibility.

The silicon-based coating is the most cost-effective because it can be sprayed on the fabric in a simple DIY process.

3. Durability: 

A superhydrophobic coating can last for up to 8 months if regularly exposed to sunlight and dirt. If the fabric or car is kept in clean and cool conditions, the coating will last longer.

4. The superhydrophobic coating is different from hydrophobic coating:

 Superhydrophobic is actually a layer of tiny micro-hollows that repel water. They get damaged easily by abrasion and need to be reapplied continuously if the surface is always in contact with friction. Hydrophobic coating, on the other hand, is a simple thin-layer coating designed to keep water off.

5. Added properties: 

Superhydrophobic coating has other features such as ice protection, corrosion protection, and sometimes, oil protection. It is also anti-wetting and self-cleaning.

  1. Application: 

As mentioned earlier, it is effortless to apply a superhydrophobic coating on fabrics. You do not really need to call in a skilled worker to do it. Simply buy the best spray for your cloth, buy a sprayer, and you are set.

Hydrophobic coating is very useful in keeping your fabric water-repellent. The coat is very easy to purchase and apply, and if well-kept, it can last for a long time before you need to reapply the coating. Buying some hydrophobic coating for your fabrics will save you money.


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