Paint chips look bad and can damage all your effort you have spent in the maintenance of your car. Apart from spoiling the look of your car, it also raises the chance of rust formation. But, you need not blame yourself for it, because it can just happen to anyone. If your car has been egged by someone, or some rock or gravel has hit your car, or it has met a minor accident, then paint chips can take place. If you are wondering why you should fix paint chip on your car, then keep two things in mind. It enhances the look of your car and stops the rusting procedure instantly

So fixing paint chips is the most important task, you should go do if you are planning to sell your car. So, now that you are well aware of the importance of fixing paint chips on your car, the next step is to find out how to do it. Below here is the step-by-step procedure of paint chip repair Edmonton

  1. Clean the chips

The very first thing you need to do is clean the chips completely. Clean them with soapy water with the help of a soft cotton cloth. Don’t rub the edges or most paint may come off. It will take a few minutes.

  1. Start cleaning with alcohol

You need to have some denatured alcohol. Just drop some drops of alcohol on the cotton cloth and wipe the chipped area. Don’t flood the complete place with alcohol. Just some wipes with a cotton cloth will be sufficient. Wiping with alcohol helps in the removal of any grime or dirt.

  1. Touch up paints

After the area has been properly cleaned, you can start with paint chip repair by doing touch ups. You can get touch up paints from online or offline stores. Make sure you only go for the paints which are specifically designed for your auto model and make. Remember to choose the factory color of your vehicle.

The factory color is a code and you can find out about it on your vehicle identification plate which is sited under the hood or on the driver’s door.  You can also contact your car dealer to find out. Once you know it, you can buy the same color paint. Once you have done the touch up preferably with the help of a spray, allow it to dry and then put another coat, if necessary. After the paint has dried, you can put an auto primer to get a lustrous finish.

So, the paint chip repair Edmonton procedure is done and your car will look just as new as it was before. However, it is suggested that you should not do the procedure on your own, rather get in touch with car paint chip repair services and hire them for the task. If your car has more dents and scratches, then it is suggested that you choose professionals for the task, rather than doing it on your own.

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