How are road freight costs determined?

Transporting large or unusually shaped goods and equipment requires specialized vehicles known as heavy haulers. Aside from large industrial machinery, agricultural supplies, and temporary buildings, heavy haulage providers serve clients’ oversized transport needs.


Heavy haulage can transport various goods, including trams, rail machines, boats, pressure vessels, etc. However, it is better to contact an experienced freight company to determine what you can ship, like ODLS, when you need heavy haulage transportation. Their fleet comprises many heavy-duty prime movers capable of transporting loads up to 400 tons.


Transport equipment.

If additional transportation equipment is used, the cost of freight will increase. If forklifts, cranes, or multiple employees are necessary to lift and load your items, which leads to increased costs of the operation. If your goods require special equipment, such as a refrigerated truck or one that can carry large loads, or if the location of your delivery requires particular gear like snow chains, then delivery will be more expensive.


Pickup and dropoff distances 

Generally, regional shipments will have lower rates than national shipments. For instance, shipping from Sydney to Melbourne is cheaper than shipping from Sydney to Perth because both cities are closer. Besides fuel consumption, the driver must consider what other freight deliveries are going to the destination and how much fuel will be consumed. 


Size and weight of goods 

The amount you will be charged depends on the weight and size of the goods you are transporting. In a heavy vehicle, large products will occupy a lot of space, reducing the space available for other deliveries. If the vehicle’s capacity cannot accommodate other deliveries, additional trips will be required, which will cost more money and time. 


Effortless handling 

Your heavy haulage transport costs in Australia will likely rise if the freight you’re transporting is relatively fragile and requires special handling. We all know that time is simply money. In the case of rough roads, a different route might be taken, increasing the delivery journey’s length.

Factors that Influence heavy haulage freight cost

You can trust ODLS with all your transport and freight forwarding needs, whether it’s heavy haulage, container transport, shipping container transport, or regular package transport.


Delivery time

Are you worried about freight costs when you need it shipped quickly? A faster delivery might cost you more. Finding transportation companies that guarantee speedy deliveries is challenging, especially during the holidays. For this reason, ODLS heavy haulage company offers reliable shipping estimates for your business.


Weight of the load

Transport of large haulage containers, machinery, and shipping containers relies heavily on weight. As a general rule, the heavier the stock, the higher the cost. The difficulty of transporting heavy items and the weight limitations of each mode of transport influence price. 


Transport fuel costs

Transporting your items will depend on how far and heavy they are and how they are transported. Fuel prices will fall if cargo truck operators operate them at a lower cost, which will lead to a drop in transport costs. Customers are notified of savings and losses. In response to rising fuel prices, carriers will pass the increased costs onto merchants. Additionally, the amount of fuel consumed during the journey will depend on the weight of the freight. Fuel costs should be considered for freight forwarding to be cost-effective, regardless of whether it is transported via road, rail, sea, or air.


Route & Destination

Margins for heavy haulage services depend on the destination and route. Shipping costs are bound to increase with distance. If you are interested in shipping to a particular country or location, check in with your haulage company to learn whether it will cost you more. Also, fares vary based on route type, such as direct vs. connecting. 

External and Internal Factors 

Road freight rates are influenced both internally and externally. 



First, let’s take a look at the most recent pandemic. Over the past couple of years, the implementation of several lockdowns has negatively impacted the freight industry. These lockdowns have caused border closures, making shipments across state lines and internationally more difficult. 


Strikes and labour shortages

Strikes and labour shortages are uncontrollable elements that impact costs. A freight company that needs more staff will have to raise rates to survive. In the event of a strike, freight deliveries will be affected, a problem that cannot be avoided. 


Seasonal trends 

For example, Christmas and Mother’s Day are times of high demand that result in higher consumer prices. When capacity is limited, space will likely be sold at a higher price due to high demand. If there is a substantial level of demand, pricing depends on the number of products transported by operators. 

Why use ODLS as your heavy haulage transport?

Over the years in Australia, ODLS heavy haulage services have been used in some prominent projects. Our company has transported air conditioning units to the Sydney Opera House, steel structures for the West Gate Bridge, concrete precast components for a subway station, and precast concrete for a stadium, as well as steel structures for the West Gate Bridge and Rod Laver Arena. Our extensive experience in the logistics industry helps make sure that your logistics needs are met when you select ODLS as your transportation partner. 


Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like a quote or to make a reservation. Booking with ODLS means you are in good hands. Call +61 3 9791 7654 or email us at: to speak with one of our friendly personnel. 


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