Who wouldn’t want to keep their motorcycles in good condition and fresh? Within a couple of months or even years of ownership, there is a typical propensity to neglect your motorcycles. Here are a few simple tasks you should perform daily to maintain the state of your bike. Here are some crucial bike-care hints that will keep you and your motorcycle happy for a long time. Know more about motorcycle service

How to Keep Your Bike in Excellent Shape

 Frequently check the tyres.

A comprehensive examination of your bike’s state and air pressure should be done when checking your bike’s tyres regularly. Always ensure that the tyre pressures comply with the specifications that the bike’s supplier has prescribed. Inspect your tyres for any probable scratches or scuffs that might lead to bad things like a puncture. Checking your tyre grooves at least once every week is important. Verify the wheel position and stability as well.

Inspect engine oil.

Your bike’s engine oil is essential to its upkeep and smooth running. Check the engine oil level frequently and always keep it at the proper level. Look for any potential oil leaks. The oil will become dense owing to an abundance of carbon deposits, which will provide a drag on the motion of the engine’s internals. It’s crucial to realise that using dirty oil would significantly shorten the engine’s lifespan and increase fuel consumption.

Pristine air filter

Always be careful to keep the air filter clean because the dusty environment in India might quickly block the filter. Always replace the air filter at the appropriate times; if the air is incredibly dusty, increase the frequency of cleaning.

Adjusting the clutch

Throughout the trip, the clutch is constantly used to shift the gears at certain times. The clutch ought to have the appropriate free play and be properly calibrated. Avoid overtightening your clutch; doing so can trigger it to come loose without your knowledge and raise your fuel consumption.

Keep the battery charged.

Regular servicing is necessary for your bike’s battery to guarantee a lengthy and pleasant life. Add purified water to the battery as needed. Inspect the battery for any leaks. The motorcycle must be pristine and devoid of any battery leaks. When the bike is not in use for an extended period, you must make certain the battery is kept completely charged.

Keep the brakes intact.

Constantly maintain the gap between the two brakes supporting the tyre accurately. It is risky when brakes become either excessively tight or overly loose. According to the bike rider’s preferences and needs, it is always advised to tighten the brakes. If the bike’s front brake pads are worn out and the squealing sound continues, there may not be enough oil in the system.

Verify the fork oil.

Remember to change the fork oil on the vehicle approximately every 12,000 km.

Verify the sprockets.

When required, inspect the chains, and replace them. Sprockets typically have a 40,000-kilometre lifespan.

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