Nissan has launched its subcompact SUV in 2019, replacing the Micra platform with M0 platform for the roads of India. The all new Nissan Kicks is a stellar vehicle which stands as one of the top 5 compact SUVs around the globe. With the innovative headlamps design, chrome border and edgy lines, it stands as one of the most stylish SUVs with a sporty appeal for the enthusiasts. But should you buy it? The article covers every aspect of the vehicle with compelling information to help you make the decision, including Nissan kicks price in India.

Space and interior.

The exceptional storage capacity and premium interior surpass its competitions like Creta by miles. Nissan kicks ground clearance of 210mm with 17 inches of alloy adds a new flavour to the SUV. The vehicle packs a remarkable 400 litres of the boot space, granting it one of the most prominent storage. It has five seats with an ideal room to house five adults and additional storage options like door holsters and seat covers.

The slick designs of the Nissan kicks interior India, despite the hard plastic composition establish it as a premium grade vehicle. It comes with a customization option for the seat and steering wheel covering ranging from lush leather to artificial and sporty designs. It comes with in-built spoilers and shark-fin antenna complementing the vibrancy of the car. For comfort, it has adjustable seats for superior capacity, cup holders and front armrest.

Safety measures and Features:

According to the price of Nissan Kicks, the SUV follows standard safety protocols and comes equipped with deal sweetening features. Standard airbag and ABS security with child safety locks and seat belts available for the rear seats. It has electronic brakeforce distribution with brake assist for a dominant stoppage. With the help of the automatic stability program and engine immobiliser, it delivers superior precision and control to the driver. Additionally, it also comes with the hill engine support for drives in higher altitudes and slopes.

Power door locks and automatic headlamps are some of the well-found features in the SUV.  One of the prominent features is its climate control for a comfortable ambience in the car. Keyless entry feature integration offers seamless access to the vehicle.

Power and Efficiency:

The only drawback of the car, which prevents it from achieving the top spot as the best compact SUV is the lack of control in performance. While the car comes full of features and support for easy driving and comfortable housing, it lags in the engine power. It is available in 1.5-litre option for both petrol and diesel and 5-gears and 6-speed unit for the respective models. The engine delivers 104 to 108 bhp and 142 to 240-newton meters for the two choices of engines.  Falling on the average-power for SUVs, Nissan kicks price still makes it one of the most affordable vehicles available.

Price and Models:

Nissan Kicks price in India 2019 ranges from 10.9 lakhs to 17.4 lakhs. It is available in seven different variations with Kicks XL Petrol being the cheapest and Kicks XV Premium plus diesel model as highest. The Nissan kicks review India is a composite collection of ideal information about its feasibility, performance and features. It has a competent range of functions and choice of colours which makes it stand amongst the top in the list of SUVs available in the Indian market.


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