With the introduction of pulse 200t, another member joins the family of 200 cc bike. This new offroader has power-packed features. In this article, we will see about the road-biased variant, belonging to the super series of 200 ccs. What is so unique about Xpulse 200t price in Mumbai?

The uniqueness of pulse 200t

The first noticeable difference can be seen in the T ditches, in which the spoke rims are of 17-inch alloy rims. It is a feature which is generally found in Xtreme bikes. You will also be amazed by the tubeless MRF rubber swanky alloys. This will achieve your touring ambitions. The tubeless tyres are so worthy for your highway journey. You will know what will happen in and highway. There will be no scarcity for unexpected punctures. It has greater control on the tarmac then the seat grips. It is obvious that it has a greater degree of control as it is for off-road also.

Features of pulse 200t

Small wheels

Xpulse 200t runs on smaller wheels. It is very friendly than the previous versions. As it is very easy to manage, new bike riders can have fun with an optimum level of safety.

Seat height

The seat height is 24 lower than the previous versions. This helps to have better control of operations when the bike is in a standstill. If suppose you are a short rider, do not worry about the height. It will aptly fit you.

Ground clearance

The ground clearance is nearly 40 millimeter. It serves as a sweet spot all kind of Riders.

Seating position

Seating position gives a high sense of Control for Highway miles. The narrow handlebars give optimum control while riding.


It is lighter than the previous versions. This helps our easy moving in the parking lot. It will also not occupy the largest space.

Suspension and tuning

With 37-millimeter offset forks, the tuning is very different. You will never know the undulations on the road. You can overcome that tarmac ripples with ease even at the speed of 40 to 45 mph.

Xpulse 200t price in Mumbai

We are coming to the important part of our description. The Xpulse 200t price in Mumbai starts from 95000 rupees. You will be glad to know, pulse with one variant.

Provision for windscreen

You can find the provision given for windscreen to be installed in the pulse 200t. Visiting nearest authorized Service Centre, you can get all that your heart desires.

Comparison of the pulse 200t price in Mumbai with the other prices

The Xpulse 200t price in Mumbai is 95000 rupees same as the price in Delhi. This amount unwraps 199. Six CC cylinder air-cooled engine which is capable of generating 18.4 PS at 8000 rom and 17.1 NM @ 6500 RPM. The engine is linked to a 5-speed transmission chain drive. The best of suspension houses 37 million forks. The rear alone is as 7 steps adjustable mono-shock.

Enjoy the advanced, power-packed features of Xpulse 200t. The advanced features concentrate on comfort and safety which will ensure a peaceful and joyful ride.

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