Car alloy wheels are significant from one car to another. The alloy wheels are always considered as important because it gives a unique look to your vehicle. To ensure your car’s alloy wheel’s uniqueness and catchiness, you should always clean your alloy wheels frequently or periodically. There are some car valet companies with professionals who can take care of your car’s alloy wheels to retain their polish and glossy look again. They carry out step by step process to ensure your alloy wheels safety, and at the same time, they can give your alloy wheel with a complete glossy and polish look.

Examine and Removal

At first, the professionals will examine the quantity and quality of dust to decide the removal process; there are two processes

  1. Aggressive
  2. Normal

If your car has aggressive dust material on your car alloy wheels, then the professionals will first apply TFR also known as Traffic Film Remove solution via a pump spray to all areas of the alloy wheels and then will carefully apply to brake callipers and wheel wall. Then left the solution to dwell for one or two minutes and then the TFR is removed by using the water pressure spray completely. Then they will manually clean the surface with a cloth entirely through all sides of the wheel, and then they will start the washing process. If your alloy wheels have standard dust sedation, then they will remove the dust by using the water pressure spray and remove the dirt. Then they will carry out to the next washing process.


The washing process is carried out by the washing foam; wheel spoke brush (which can go through inside out of an alloy wheel), wheel face brush (which is used remove dust on the surface of the wheel without damaging the paint of the wheel and the wheel itself). At first the professional will wheel cleaner of choice via a foam trigger spray which helps to clean the surface the wheel. At first, they start to apply from bottom and top and then methodically around the wheel covering in and out of the wheel. Then will remove the dust which is presented inside the wheel by using the wheel spook brush which can go inside out of an alloy wheel. Then the surface of the wheel is cleaned by the wheel face brush without damaging the paint of the wheel and wheels itself. After thoroughly cleaning the wheels, they will leave the wheel cleaner to dwell for fifteen minutes and wash it off by using water pressure spray and then manually. Then the wheels are left to oxidize for few more minutes.


After the wheels are entirely oxidized, they are good to go for polishing. The polishing is carried out by an all-in-one polish product which consists of light abrasive paint cleaners and synthetic sealant. The polish applied is applied from the most dried part of the wheel by using a microfiber cloth which has soft resin in it. By using the microfiber clothe polish is spread evenly and thoroughly with the fingertips with moderate pressure. After that, it is left to dry for few more minutes and wipe it off using a separate cloth. To ensure its durability, an independent secondary polish is applied to protect the sealant. It is applied carefully with a soft microfiber cloth, and after few minutes it is swiped off from the surface using a microfiber cloth, and the rubbed softly to give a glossy finish, and then you, car alloy wheels are cleaned and ready to go.

You should always use professional car valet company to clean your alloy wheels because they can take your car alloy wheels professionally so your car alloy wheels can remain significant and catchy to others eyes always.

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