At the eleventh hour of environmental degeneration and the threats of global warming getting real, there isn’t much time left to press the button of recovery. In this entire scenario, the sector that needs to work harder to replenish is the automobile industry. This is because so far this industry has been held responsible to a great extent for this degeneration for using up the natural resources as well as leaving harmful emissions to the environment. So, the brands who have realized the crisis and took a sincere effort to neutralize the harm, are all coming up with environment friendly solutions.

Mazda is one such name that has inspired the industry of automobile with their latest environmental technologies implemented both through their products and also at their shades, where the brand is focused on minimizing the wastage of natural resources, while setting an example, of how cars can be still driven without harming the mother earth.  An engineerwe met at the Mazda Corona, shared with us the fact that at Mazda they are in constant pursuit of developing innovative environmental technologies that can lead the automotive industry and its users to a more exciting and sustainable future.

He was clearly excited to share the details although in short, about how Mazda is walking towards a greener patch while leaving its footprints behind, for others to follow.

Skyactiv Technology

Skyactiv Technology can be best described as a blanket term that stands for Mazda’s own package of innovative new-generation technologies that are developed by the long-term vision of the brandthat they call as Sustainable Zoom-Zoom. The term SKYACTIV bespeaks Mazda’s mission to provide higher level of driving pleasure while keeping the environment clean. The technologies also enhance safety level in the vehicles.

Stop Start Technology While Idling

According to an automotive technician seattle wa, when a car is waiting for a signal to get cleared or for a passenger to board, and if the engine is kept on, it wastes huge amount of fuel. Mazda addressed this issue of idling by inventing and implementing stop start systems that will automatically shut down the engine whenever the vehicle gets static and restarts it to initiate the movement.

Brake Energy Regeneration System

The Brake energy regeneration system used in Mazda cars convert the kinetic energy of a vehicle into electricity as and when it decelerates. From there this electricity is stored for later usage, like to switch on the headlights, audio system, climate control, and every other electrical equipment.

Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles

The range of electric cars manufactured by Mazda has inspired many other brands to manufacture their own. Simultaneously Mazda has also engineered hydrogen vehicles that use hydrogen as its fuel, emittingnothing but clear water.

Promoting Recycling of Vehicles

One of the best ways to preserve natural resources is recycling the already manufactured plastic and other automobile parts that have already used so much of natural resources. Mazda promotes the idea of recycling the car parts to save on those materials, aiming at reducing the amount of material wastage by the automotive industry, says our friend from the Concesionario Corona Mazda.

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