There are numerous types of invisible protective films in the market with various levels of benefits for you and for your car such as dyed window tinting, metalized window tinting, hybrid window tinting, carbon window tint films, crystalline tinting, ceramic window tinting etc. The requirement of window tinting varies from place to place and depends basically on the climate of the place. You need to choose the right invisible protective film for the tinting of your car or take the help of reliable professional like to ensure maximum benefits and durability of your window tinting.

One of the best invisible protective films is the dyed window tinting which perfectly serves your purposes in terms of blocking UV rays, keeping the interior cool, and keeps your privacy to the maximum level. However, the dyed window tinting is inexpensive and tinted with multiple layers which eventually absorbs the sun rays as well as prevents the heat from entering the interior of the car.

Similarly, the metalized window tinting works like the dyed window tinting with little difference like tiny metallic particles are used in metalized tinting whereas the dye is used in dyed window tinting. Besides blocking UV rays, keeping interior cool and ensuring privacy, the metalized window tinting provides extra strength to the window glasses. The shatter-resistant capacity of the metalized window tinting is enormously higher, and it significantly protects the window glasses from shuttering. 

When you think of increasing the beauty of your car through tinting you should use metalized window tinting because it gives extra shining in comparison to other invisible protective films. The metalized window tinting is also superior with regards to scratch-resistance characteristics than other invisible protective films. You can be assured of three basic benefits out of metalized window tinting namely most effective in blocking the heat, effective glare reduction, and most efficient UV prevention. 

The hybrid window tinting has a combination of both the metalized window tinting particles as well as the dyed window tinting particles. Eventually, the hybrid window tinting films provide the combined and positive benefits of metalized as well as dyed window tinting films and at the same time reduce the cons or negative aspects of the limitations of both metalized and dyed window tinting films. The titanium and grey dye is combinedly used in hybrid window tinting to ensure the positive benefit and reduce the limitations of metalized and dyed window tinting in hybrid window tinting.

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