A car collision is always a painful incident that can take a toll on human lives after creating enough damage to the cars involved in it. Post collision, the owners of both the cars pass through a trauma, if the impact is severe. Apart from taking care of the people who might have hot injured, the owner is faced with an equal big challenge of bringing his car back to its original condition. A lengthy to do lists follows, that will also include expensive expenditures, apart from the running about tasks. One such big task in this scenario is to prepare a checklist for the post collision repair of the car, before accepting it back.

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Irrespective of the collision center you choose to give your car for repair, it is always recommended by the automobile experts to inspect the work thoroughly before paying the bill for it and leaving the body shop. To make things easier at your end, we’vegathered a helpful checklist of things to do from the technical experts at the Salisbury collision repair center, before accepting your repaired vehicle from the shop.

Check for theAuto Repair Bill Items if Done Well

The repair bill presented to you at the time of picking up your car needs to be thoroughly checked, if all the mentioned work is really done properly. Additionally, look for thelist of itemized parts that have been installed  as ordered.

Inspect your Vehicle

Do not accept the vehicle without thoroughly checking out the physical condition of your car. The key areasyou need to focus on are the ones you have ordered to be repaired. But apart from them, you also need to check the doors, the hood, and the trunk, if they open and close as usual, as these parts were removed during the repair process, and putting them back properly and with care is necessary. But there can be situations, wherein the mechanics might have taken things lightly.

Inspect the Mechanical and Electrical Parts

Start the engine and test drive your car before accepting it back. This will automatically let you know if all the mechanical and electrical parts are working properly. Turn on all the lights of the car, check the engine by raising the speed, try the driving pedals if they are feeling right under your feet.

Also check the battery, if it is still operating its usual way, can turn on the head and taillights, the lights on the dashboard, the Car AC, the audio system, and the rest of the things that are installed in your car that uses the car battery.

Check the Auto Body Paint

The body paint is the last thing to be checked out, and it is nothing less important, as, the exposed parts of your car body will be exposed to troubles as well.Look for dust and any uneven painted surface on the car body.

If you find any problem after you taken your car home even after all these inspections, do not hesitate to take it back to the shop and report the problem to the concerned people, concludes the experts of the center of collision repair Salisbury.

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