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More and more people are using these eco-friendly vehicles to contribute to protecting the nature that nurtures us and also as a push for sustainability. But insuring these cars is also crucial. 

Having at least third-party insurance is mandatory in India, irrespective of the type of vehicle. You can indeed find many websites when you decide to buy car insurance for your EV or hybrid car. The best part is the insurance companies will provide the best services and cheap car insurance in India

This discussion about the insurance will cover all aspects of four-wheeler insurance for hybrid and electric vehicles in India, including how to get affordable and renewed coverage.

Car Insurance for Electric Cars

Electric Car Insurance: The foundation

As the name suggests, electric vehicles run on electricity, unlike other conventional vehicles. With their zero-emission capabilities, electric cars have gained traction nowadays. However, these cars have particular insurance requirements that you must look at. 

In India, finding affordable and good quality four-wheeler insurance for your electric car can be taxing, but it is crucial at the same time. These cars are expensive and almost always more expensive than gasoline-powered ones. 

As we know, the cost of the car is a major factor that determines the premium of your insurance. So, being careful while choosing a good plan is very important. 

Electric Vehicle Insurance Protection

  1. Liability Insurance: Liability towards the third party is an essential factor of any type of insurance. Hence, this third-party liability insurance provides coverage for any harm or damage that you cause to another person during a collision. It covers the vehicle repair costs and the medical costs incurred due to an injury. (if any) 
  2. Comprehensive Insurance: Although comprehensive insurance is not a mandate, it is a better option. This provides coverage for any damage or harm caused to your vehicle in any disaster,  natural or man-made. Comprehensive collision coverage is always advised because the electrical vehicle damages are more expensive than the normal ones, and they can get heavy on your pocket. 

Car Insurance for Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Car Insurance: The foundation

Hybrid vehicles combine an electric motor with a conventional internal combustion engine for lower pollutants and fuel economy. You must consider the internal combustion engine and the electric motor when insuring a hybrid car.

Finding affordable car insurance in India is crucial for hybrid vehicles, just like for electric vehicles. Since hybrid cars are frequently slightly more expensive than gasoline-powered equivalents, affordable insurance is essential.

Hybrid Vehicle Insurance Protection

Just like electric car insurance, hybrid cars also have third-party liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage. But with hybrid vehicles, you face different problems. So, insurance companies came up with additional coverages for these types of cars, like the battery coverage or regenerative braking system. 

The batteries used in hybrid cars are smaller than the electric cars, but they are still expensive to repair or replace. This needs to be protected by your insurance. Like the batteries, the regenerative brakes must be covered due to their monetary value. 

Benefits of Electric Cars and Hybrid Cars

Electric Cars Hybrid Cars
Using an electric car contributes to the betterment of society, and to promote its usage, insurance companies have a lower premium rate for electric cars. Hybrid cars have better fuel economy, which means less environmental harm. This results in fewer carbon footprints and cheaper insurance premiums. 
Electric cars require less maintenance. Since maintenance of the vehicle is a determining factor of insurance premium, your premium might see a benefit as a result of this.  As the name suggests, hybrid cars run on two engines. As a result, they deliver fuel efficiency and a higher level of performance. 
You receive several benefits, like reduced registration fees, additional benefits, and incentives, which also result in a reduction of your insurance premium.  With hybrid cars, you get great safety measures, resulting in a lower premium rate. 


In conclusion, you must be thorough while searching for insurance for your electrical or hybrid vehicle. Compare the premium prices, look at the clauses, go through the benefits and add-ons, and do your complete research before settling on one policy. 

It is important to have a good policy because of the type of car you use. Additionally, renew your car insurance timely to guarantee the continued protection of your car. 

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