It’s the pulsar brand designed by Bajaj’s motorcycles and was first launched in2001. This is styled with reminiscent of another icon. It’s the Honda hornet and is providing with 150 cc engine. The standard front disc brake is quite new for the time and is launched with standard electric start. Its speed is 15 bhp which is enough to make it the fastest motorcycle that is made in India at the time. The Bajaj pulsar 180 F launched with a standard electric start claims best speed. This bears two spark plugs that boost both the power output as well as the economy. After another two years the 17 inch rims and gas charged rear shock absorbers were the big changes. 2005 is the year when Bajaj bought its release of new features for the pulsar every year and for the next seven years.

Some more revelations

The Bajaj pulsar saw major updates of the pulsar. Those are like non contact, backlit switch gear, and self cancelling indicators. There are most digital instrument cluster, LED tail lamp and a non contact Speedo sensor. It was in 2007 that Bajaj missed out launching their first fuel injected Indian motorcycle with the Bajaj pulsar 220 DTS- Fi. This features oil cooler, a rear disc brake and a clip on handlebars which are all new. Now in 2008, there was a bit of roll back for the220, with it ditching the fuel injection for carburetion. The instrument cluster bears had warning lamps for a few new things like the air filter condition and oil level.

In 2009 it got an up gradation with the UG IV version of the pulsar 180. The upgrades for the pulsar 150 include an all black theme, tank scoops that are similar to those of pulsar 200. This is a 3D pulsar logo and has changed electrical system. The power also increases from13.5 HP to 14.09 HP. The electrical enhancement  present are like auto head light switch which switches off after few seconds of turning the engine off to protect the battery, self cancelling turns signals, iconic illumination, side stand warning light.

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Looking to another design of pulsar, the pulsar 180 received an up gradation like wider tyres, split seat, tank scoops that is similar to those on the pulsar 200 and bears a 3D pulsar logo with a changed electrical system. The power also increases from 13.5 HP to 14.09 HP at 8,500 rpm. The electrical enhancements are like auto head light switch-off after few seconds of turning the engine off. This is going to protect the battery, self cancelling turns the signals, icon illumination like horn icon, indicator icon, engine cut off icon., side stand warning light, dual digital trip meter, low fuel warning light. Next came the pulsar135LS which is the first bike in India to contain 4-valve DTSi Technology. This contains 4 smaller valves rather than 2standard bigger valves, styling is also changed and the looks have become more aggressive. The bike is updated for a better ride from the Bajaj.

For the reason the varieties of Bajaj pulsar is considered as the top selling pulsar bikes in India.

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