There are more and more car accidents in our area. A car accident can affect you and your family’s life for months, if not years. Unfortunately, there are many different types of car accidents. Some are more deadly and do more damage than others. If you are involved in a car accident, an accomplished Washington regan zambri long personal injury attorneys, DC auto accident attorney can guide you completed the development and ensure you get the maximum allowance for your abuse. I need help getting it. Regan Zambri Long can help. Our law firm has been serving the Washington, DC area for over 30 years. We have millions of dollars set aside for our customers and will fight for you and your family when it comes to all types of vehicle collisions.Take advantage of a free appointment with an experienced traffic accident attorney .

Rear collision

Washington DC Auto Crash Attorney Salvatore Zambri Rear-end collisions occur when one vehicle hits a further from afterwards. These are often subordinate by the driver not having enough space with the car in front. If the tailgate is too narrow, the driver will not be able to stop quickly if essential.

Rear-end collisions set off a chain reaction, causing multiple vehicles to collide and inflicting more serious injuries on victims. In a rear-end collision regan zambri long personal injury attorneys, the driver behind is usually responsible. However, if the driver in front of you stops quickly or drives erratically and the driver behind you is rear-ended, the driver in front may also be responsible for the crash.

Side-swing collision/blind spot accident

If you live in Washington, DC, you’ve probably seen a car with a damaged door or bumper on one side. This could be due to an accident from the side. A side collision occurs when a car leaves its lane and wipes another car beside it. These cars often (but not always!) go in the same direction. These accidents often occur when merging at intersections or highways.

Side his wipe collisions often occur because the car is in the driver’s blind spot. A side view camera and other improved sensors have reduced the chance of a stiff neck accident. However, blind spot accidents still occur and can lead to serious goods accident and serious personal injury. Small cars and motorcycles are at greater risk of catastrophic blind spot accidents.

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