Motorcycle riders must have appropriate gear and accessories on road trips to make riding more accessible and comfortable. A motorcycle rider’s safety is of utmost importance, along with these must-have motorcycle accessories that one should consider for their next long-distance trip on the road.

A navigation mount is one of the essential motorcycle accessories that motorcycle riders should consider. Navigation mounts help securely hold GPS units or other multimedia devices in place, which can be mounted to handlebars, cockpit, crossbars, steering head, or mirror stems. Riders can opt for either a bike-specific mount, which provides a perfect fit for a particular bike or a universal GPS mount which riders can use on any motorcycle model.

Motorcycle luggage straps for a TraX adventure top case made from premium aluminum can be another part of your rides on or off-road, as they are essential accessories on a road trip. Whether planning a short getaway or long road trip, the good straps are vital every time a rider travels with luggage on their motorcycle. Many rear bags come with straps for mounting to motorcycles, but additional luggage straps are essential depending on the terrain or amount of luggage.

Besides this, it is also crucial to invest in an SW motech top case as secure storage for your luggage and helmet. Riders can opt for a waterproof top case that comes at a reasonable price point. 

Handguards, which usually consist of a metal backbone and plastic guards, are another crucial accessory for riders as it offers protection from dirt, gravel, rain, and wind. A handguard, waterproof gloves, and heated grips give a rider’s hands adequate protection. Aside from this, handguards can also protect the brake and clutch level in case of accidents.

For more details on the must-have motorcycle accessories for a rider on road trips, here is an infographic from Motorrad Garage.


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