It is a trend now to look for modern stylish bikes. The demand for economy-oriented commuter motorcycles is gone. Nowadays people, especially the youth are looking for stylish, and super cool features in the bike. However, the customers in India are looking for a stylish bike with an affordable budget. For instance, apart from the features, customers give importance to know about features of a bike like Hero Xtreme 200 S along with Hero Xtreme 200 S price in Kolkata. In this article, you will know about the 5 features to look for while buying a bike.


Electric start


If you are still using kickstart, you have to think smart. Choose your next motorcycle which is available within the electric start. Even the entry-level motorcycle, comes with electric start nowadays. It is very important to consider a model with electric start in the present era.


Fuel-saving modes


In many of the motorcycles, you can find the efficiency zone marking on the speedometer itself. However, technically it is not the correct way to save fuel. The efficiency depends on the engine speed and not vehicle speed. So it is important that you understand the effective fuel efficiency. You might have also noted motorcycles which have a throttle actuated indicators which will let you know when you go out of the economic zone. This will help you to extract the most the last drop of the fuel. It is better that you go for this kind of models.


Adjustable rear shock absorbers


You would have understood using your bike that one size suspension does not fit all. The shock absorption delivery depends on a lot of factors. It includes Road conditions, riding style, Rider weight, single or two-up riding and many other. So look for the ones which have a Multiway adjustable rear suspension that can cater to all requirements. Multi rated rear suspension springs offer better shock absorption.


Modern style


Don’t pick up those motorcycles which look and feel anaemic. Let your motorcycle glow with energy and seek attention. See whether well-styled alloys have Grab rails and tail lamp. Do not miss the aesthetic value for the cost.


More efficiency with more power


You would have definitely known about advancements Engine Technology. It has enabled to design and construct an engine that can perform more power with more fuel efficiency for a given displacement. That is a huge difference between the power and the efficiency figures of the motorcycle which has an identical cubic capacity and price range. So, Research gets to know well about the features of the motorcycle which you have decided to buy. 


The bad power and bad efficiency of the by will indirectly denote the old technology used by the maker. Compare the specifications and make your final decision. Including the five features given above, a consumer should also look for features like digital instrument console, day flasher, brighter headlamps, powerful brakes and uncomfortable seats as like in The Hero Xtreme 200 S and again don’t miss to know about the Hero Xtreme 200 S price in Kolkata. Hope this article has made some strong impact on your decision.


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