New Zealand is a beautiful country and if you are planning to relocate there, you’ll definitely praise yourself for your decision.

However, preparing for the international move can be pretty daunting and the most daunting task may perhaps be shipping your car to New Zealand.

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You may think that car transport Perth to Sydney according to Dazmac Logistics is easy, but international shipping can be tough.

But to your luck, this task is not actually very complicated. You just have to remember and follow a few things. Here they are.

1. Cleaning the Car

Just like other island countries, New Zealand is keen to protect its flora and fauna from outside species which could be dangerous for its ecosystem.

Therefore the Ministry for Primary Industry (MPI) has set very strict bio-security rules on importation of things.

Cars with a lot of their nooks and crannies are ideal for gathering and transferring organic matter which explains why they are subject to so much scrutiny upon arrival and are checked so keenly before they’re released.

Importing a car from Australia to NZ with Dazmac Logistics is therefore helpful because they pass your car smoothly through all these processes.

Your regular weekly cleaning may not be adequate. Hence while organising your car for shipping to New Zealand, it’s a good idea to hire a professional cleaning service.

Upon arriving in New Zealand, your car will be taken to a special transitional facility (except if your shipping company has arranged a bio-security inspection permit) and will be inspected by a representative of the Ministry of Primary Industry.

If it fails, you will be made to clean it at your expense and re-inspected before it is allowed to be used on the roads of New Zealand.

If your car was shipped in a crate, the crate too will need to be PMI-compliant and it will also go through the same process.

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2. Preparing Your Car for Shipping

You don’t want to get your car damaged during transit and for that you have to do certain things like folding or removing any protruding items on the car such as wing mirrors, roof racks and antennae.

You should also secure convertible tops, seal holes and seals to protect your car from moisture and dust, and cover your car with a fitting tarp.

You should also empty our fuel tank to not more than a quarter of its capacity.

Also, while it’s a rather short journey, it’s recommendable to be sure that your battery is fully charged before departure.

3. Inner Goods

You can send inner cargo with your vehicle; however, it should be noted that it will be separately cleared from your car at Customs, and the release of your vehicle may be delayed due to this.

Law needs you to provide a list of all the things you will be shipping to your shipping company.

4. Insurance

If your vehicle gets damaged during the journey and you have to make a claim, you need to provide supporting evidence. So, it’s good to take photos of your vehicle from all angles, interior as well as exterior.

Be sure you follow these tips and your car transit to New Zealand will become hassle-free.


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