The Dominance of Four Rings: Audi R8

What brand brings Four Rings to the table and is known to be one of the world’s most prestigious brands? No, I’m not talking about the Olympics and to clarify they have five rings not four.  These Four Rings represent the four automakers that came together to one day be known as the German Big Three Automaker as Audi.  The automaker was named after the founder known as August Horch, which Horch means Listen in German that is translated to Latin to the name Audi. audir8b So what makes Audi stand against the other German Automakers like Mercedes Benz and BMW?  Let’s get this clear first and foremost, Audi holds its own against its German Automotive Rivals.  Their motto is translated to Advancement in Technology or the more recent as Truth in Engineering truly embodies the soul of Audi as a world automaker and brand.  Audi does not produce a vehicle that is not true to perfection and stellar in automotive advancement.  There is a reason why they constantly win awards for craftsmanship, luxury, design, and overall quality.  Everything that Audi does, fits together with reason and precision.  It is no reason Audi vehicles stops auto enthusiasts and admirers dead in their tracks. audir8d The R8 exemplifies the definitive nature of Audi. Everything this car represents screams happiness and joy like a child running into a candy store for the very first time.  Many would say that the Audi R8 is the perfect balance of a true supercar. Originally the Audi R8 was known as the concept car the Audi LeMans Quattro.  It had featured a twin turbo V10 engine cranking out 602 horsepower with a jet blue body color with carbon fiber and aluminum body parts. The Audi R8 was officially introduced and sold in 2006 and has become a global icon since its inception. audir8f Performance Born from the racetrack the Audi R8 has a soul of a race car.  Throughout the World Rallysport Championships and Le Mans Series, Audi has proven to have a legacy of success. It was in those proven races that brought the race car technology to the streets.  Initially the R8 Coupe was equipped with a 4.2L All Aluminum V8 engine cranking out 420 horsepower. The vehicle featured the world renowned Quattro all wheel drive that favored 70 percent power to rear and 30 percent power to the front.  In 2008, they had unveiled the R8 Coupe 5.2 which had featured the V10 5.2L with a staggering 532 horsepower engine.  It was here that had unveiled enhancements such as the world’s first led headlights, larger brakes, more aggressive body styling, interior enhancements and stellar road wheels.  Audi claims the vehicle goes from 0-62mph in blistering 3.9 seconds.  There have been multiple special edition models that have been developed for enthusiasts to enjoy. audir8j Engineering Audi has layers upon layers on technology stacked in all of their vehicles and of course the R8 is a perfect example of this feat.  The R8’s space frame is a perfect example of Audi’s movement to improve its internal.  The body frame is known to be called the space frame due to its light weight and strong material. The Audi Space Frame is made out of a lightweight aluminum, which saves a tremendous amount weight and which has very strong torsion rigidity. Many have knocked on the design to its problems with repairs when involved in an accident.  Audi believes that having this design means more power and efficiency that can be brought to the pavement.  With this lightweight design, the Audi Quattro All Wheel Drive can prove to be a superior combination.  Audi has more than 30 years of experience in providing the permanent all wheel drive system to passenger vehicles. Many believe that Audi has the best combination of power and stability in the world. Roads bends for Quattro could no be a more perfect description for this steller car company. audir8e Style Like an iron smith hammering the metal into the shape of a horseshoe, Audi is sculpted and crafted into a piece of mechanical art. The Audi R8 was built to be bold and stand out with character. The fusion of style, luxury, and class is something R8 has undoubtedly crafted to perfection.   The R8’s body all flows together into one flawless design.  The single frame grill bursts out at you like a shark in the sea, the led headlights stare at you like a predator in the wild, and the engine is visible to show the heart of beast inside this tamed racecar. Everything about the R8 was built to have that long lasting impression of the Audi trademark.   Audi sees every vehicle as work of art and the R8 is another piece rich history of the brand. audir8a These Four Rings has symbolized a brand of greatness and perfection.  With each generation of cars, Audi seems to always have a new technology for others to follow around the world.  The Audi R8 truly exemplifies everything about the brand that makes the company incredibly exciting.  The Audi brand show perfection, innovation, and state of the art technology.   Audi will continue to blaze a trail and give the automakers around the world steep competition.  Audi is Truth in Engineering.

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