Exotic Vehicles in Amazing Thailand

On a recent trip to my mother's homeland of Thailand, I caught some awesome cars, taxis, and other modes of transportation in this amazing country.  I have been going to Thailand since I was a baby and with each time I never can get sick of the culture, food, people, and especially the exotic vehicles.  Within these three weeks of time, whenever I ran into an exciting vehicle I was always trying to get a snapshot with my camera.  These pictures were taken in the three places that I had visited, which were Phuket (Patong Beach), Chiang Mai, and Udon Thani.  Whenever my family and I go over there, we always make it a point to travel to multiple places to make the most of out the trip. In these different parts of Thailand, many have adopted a special type of taxi that they drive people around the city to and they are known as the "tuk tuk".  The other pictures are a complication of rides that I was surprised to see over there and especially in such great condition.  With that said, enjoy and explore these cool rides in Thailand!


Nothing beats exploring Thailand in scooters, especially since they are so affordable!


There are not too many of them left.  The picture was taken Udon Thani and I can remember seeing tons of them when I was growing up.  The "samlor" was very common in the past before the popularity of the motorized "tuk tuk".


The common "tuk tuk" that is very popular in Bangkok and Chiang Mai (taken there).




I had to get a ride in the "tuk tuk" for old times sake.  Never gets old and is always an exciting ride!


A newer style "tuk tuk" in Chiang Mai.  I believe it was for one of the local hotels.  I love the tiger style print!


In Phuket, they have a totally different style "tuk tuk" in the form of a small Daihatsu truck.  They hold a lot more people comfortably then the traditional styles in other part of Thailand.


As you can see, a lot of the Thai's customize their "tuk tuk" and they seem come alive at night when a lot of tourists and locals go to visit the night life.



Every day you will see them lined up ready to get the next customer.


In Udon Thani, they make a totally different "tuk tuk". They have a very unique style that is common in Northeastern Thailand.  This picture was taken in front of a dealership in the city. These actually are called "Skylab" and ship them to wherever you are located.  I love that they have multiple colors and options to your own liking.


In Thailand, there seems to be a ton of these Volkwagon Microbus's that were converted into movable bars.  I love how they pop open and are the guests love them!



DaMario Italian Restaurant in Phuket, Thailand had this Fiat 500 Cabrio advertising in front of their restaurant.


Many Thai's love customizing their pick up trucks especially showing off their Thai pride with the country 's flag.


I don't normally take pictures of a Honda Fit.  I loved the two tone colors and there were many giving looks this car at Chiang Mai Airport.



I saw numerous Volkswagon Beetle's there were in amazing condition. This was stopped me dead in my tracks.





I caught this very well maintained Fiat 1100 in downtown Chiang Mai.



In the parking garage in one of my hotels, I caught this beautiful Lamborghini Aventador.  I couldn't believe she was hiding down there!




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