Top Ugliest Cars Known To Man

There are some cars that will always go down in history as refined, classy, prestigious and luxurious. But, then there are the ones that don't make the cut.  I have compiled a list of vehicles that I just cringe every time I see them on the road, cars shows, and even seeing a pictures of them.  I would categorize these cars as unique, different, trendy, and awkward. Sometimes car buyers look for vehicles that are more about the physical amenities than the overall style of the car.  I look at cars as a whole package.  Each part compliments another part of the car.  Not many people would see eye to eye with me. Others would consider these cars as practical and simple.  There is nothing that would make me want to consider a vehicle by those two terms. But hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Take a look at my top 20 master list of the ugliest cars known to man. Maybe you agree with me, maybe you won't. Tell me what you think! Toyota-Prius_2010_800x600_wallpaper_01 1. The good old Toyota Prius.  It's green friendly and  most of the best selling fuel efficient cars on the road.But they still can't get it right. No matter what they do to it, I can't grow to like it. It is very awkward looking and has very basic styling. Nissan-Leaf_2014_800x600_wallpaper_02 2. Affordable. Electric powered.  Nissan Leaf. Yet, another green friendly car that is very tasteless. Nissan-Cube_2010_800x600_wallpaper_04 3. It's called Cube. Need I say more.  The Nissan Cube defies all logic you think automotive.  The windows are strangely shaped. Nothing works together for me. I can't imagine anyone enjoying to drive it. Mitsubishi-iMiev-3 4. The Mitsubishi I-EV.  I feel like Mitsubishi woke up and decided to make an electric clown car. nash-ambassador-super-4dr-05 5. Nash Ambassador.  I love classics, just not this one.  It's like they didn't know what to do with the headlights.  For this front end blunder, it ruins the rest of the car. web_amc_pacer_maroon_19751 6. The AMC Pacer. Giant windows and tiny car do not work together. suzuki-x90 7. Suzuki X90.  I feel like the people that drove this car were the wannabe Jeep owners. It's not cool or rugged. Pontiac-Aztek_Rally_2004_800x600_wallpaper_01 8. Oh the agony. I have not heard a person that has liked this car EVER.  The Pontiac Aztec. historia-citroen-2cv 9. Citroen 2CV. Known to be an iconic car for the French automaker.  It might have been very intuitive for it's time but I guess they forgot to work on their styling cues. geo-metro-xfi 10. The Geo Metro.  Plain Jane looks more interesting and better looking that this car. Fiat-Multipla_2002_800x600_wallpaper_03 11. The Fiat Multipla. What were you thinking? I have a lot of respect for Fiat and Italian automotive companies. There was a disconnect here. It looks like they cut half a car and tried to put a truck on top.  This did not work. Davis_1948_Divan(2)petersonorg 12. Davis D-2 Divan.  This 3 wheeler did not last for long and thank goodness they didn't. Could you imagine fitting 4 people on this car? 2008 Jeep Compass 13. Jeep Compass. I'm so happy Jeep made some improvements because this vehicle was a poor excuse of a retro nostalgic look that many automakers were trying to pursue in the early 2000s. 5779438733_7866927761_z 14. The Tatra 603. It's Czechoslovakian, air cooled, and believe it or not a V8.  This funky looking car has 3 headlights, enough said. bmw_isetta_05 15. BMW Isetta.  It fit perfect for Steve Urkel, but it did not fit for anyone else.  This 3 wheel front doored vehicle only had two seats. I can't imagine what BMW was thinking when they decide to produce this car. brabus-smart-fortwo_100187073_m 16. Smart Car. There is nothing smart about this car. Expensive, only half a car, and has more airbags than it knows what do with.  It looks like the Nissan Leaf and BMW Isetta had a child.  What were you thinking? 1971-AMC-gremlin-X-front-three-quarters 17. AMC Gremlin. Where did the rest of the car go? Could they be any less discrete about this change? 143098.3-lg 18. Subaru B9 Tribeca.  I think they need to stick to sedans and coupes.  This suv looks like they forget to finish the front end. 1979-Subaru-BRAT-01 19. Subaru BRAT.  A cross between a car and a pickup truck. It never seems to work and this for sure does not. 2010_nissan_juke_overseas_model_17-1019 20. Nissan Juke.  Many people refer to it as the "joke". Seriously, how many lights do you need? Which are the head lights or the fog lights or are they both? You tell me because I never could understand what they wanted from this car. 2009_honda_element_sc Honorable Mention:  Honda Element. I wish they never discovered this element. It was never cool as much as they tried to advertise it as the youthful beach friendly vehicle through the media. These ugly cars are not bound by a particular automaker, vehicle type, or country of origin.  It shows that every automaker is capable of making an ugly vehicle in their quest to make a popular selling car.  Many of you may have driven one of these vehicles in your lifetime. I feel bad for you. I've set my feet in quite a bit of these vehicles and it was not a happy ride, I can tell you that.  Everyone has a different idea or vision of what they believe is a beautiful car.  In my process of putting this post together, it made me really appreciate how hard automakers try to make a desirable car to the general public.  Automakers will always have to battle the critics to be able to make a product that makes everyone happy and continually sells well.

Tell me what you think! Do you have a car in mind that you think is so ugly that deserves to be on this list?

Thanks for reading! As always feel free to comment below!

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