Infiniti Says Goodbye To The G Lineup

Infiniti decides to change the G with the Q. I can't fathom why companies constantly change their name.  I always feel as though building up the reputation goes hand in hand with the vehicle.  I am sure each company like Infiniti has their own reason for making these changes.  I look at many of the great companies that change their name and it hurts them more than it was even worth.  A recent example that came to mind was when Ford decided to change the name of their most popular mid size vehicle the Ford Taurus and decided to change it to Ford 500.  It was a total flop. If it ain't broke don't fix it.   They did eventually bring the nameplate back but that is a differently story.  You build a reputation as your "go to" product and then it's called something else.  Many people do not like change. You wonder why people get frustrated and go to different companies.  Companies like BMW and Honda, keep their heavy hitting nameplates because they work.  I feel as though when you build that reputation and you keep making something better, it will only make the company be portrayed in an even better light because it shows that you continue and pursue to make the better product in every way possible. Infiniti will test the consumer market by make this bold attempt in this very competitive automotive industry. I unfortunately do not know how the new Q nameplate will sell.  I tend to look at the past to see how we can learn and grow from those mistakes.  Maybe it will affect them maybe it won't.  In today's world, we all have to be risky in order to stand out from the crowd.Infiniti-Q50_2014_800x600_wallpaper_01

Infiniti has created a rich history with the G series and it is a great feet to see the change that has evolved over all these years. The first generation known as the G20 was Infiniti's breakthrough into the entry level luxury market in the American market.  It was very similar to the Nissan Primera which was sold in the Japanese/European markets.  It was known to be an alternative to the larger Q45 sedan. The catchy motto of the G20 was "Born in Japan. Educated in Europe. Now Available in America."  Many did not pay much attention to the new luxury brand in the United States. The G20 was powered by the 2.0 Liter 4 Cylinder engine producing 140 horsepower.  The first generation only came in  automatic transmission initially and then were offered in a 5 speed manual or  4 speed automatic. .  It was only available in a sedan version where in Europe there was a hatch, sedan, and wagon models.  The first generation ran from 1990 to 1996. The G20 model was discontinued for 2 years from 1996- 1998, where the smallest model that was available was the I30. In 1998, the return of the G20 had come back into the American market until 2002. The first generation shows the grassroots on the Infiniti brand and how much they keep bringing something new to the table.


2000-Infiniti-G20-rear-three-quarter-1024x640 g20

The third generation known as the G35 was a totally different vehicle then the previous generation, which was built from 2001 to 2007. This generation followed the same tradition of the rear wheel drive of the J30.  The letter G was chosen because it was similar sounding to the letter J according to Carlos Ghosn CEO of Nissan Motors.  The G35 was based on the same platform of the Nissan 350Z and FX models. Many had perceived the G35 model as the key into the automotive industry to give the Infiniti brand the attention it had deserved.  Many in the past did not know much about the brand and did not give it a second look.  The style and class of the G35 model was a staple competitor of European counterparts.  Many had believed that Japanese vehicles were bland and boring. It showed that a Japanese brand could be a luxury brand heavy hitter like BMW or Mercedes Benz.  The media was very receiving of the vehicle winning awards with Motor Trend and Car and Driver  magazines. This generation had run from 2002 to 2007. Infiniti started production in 2002 and the first model were available as a 2003 model.  This model was only available with 3.5L V6 engine.  The sedan was only available in 5 speed automatic until 2003, where the  6 speed manual and 5 speed automatic were always available in the coupe.  From 2003 to 2004 models, the sedan was producing 261 horsepower while the coupe was producing 282 horsepower.  From 2005 to 2006, the sedan was producing 282 horsepower and the coupe was producing 298 horsepower. Many are not aware of the G35X model was the only model that was available with an All Wheel Drive  Automatic engine.  The G35 was the change that Infiniti needed and this was only the beginning of this evolving nameplate.


Infiniti-G35_Sport_Coupe_2003 2

The four generation was built from 2006 to 2013.  This generation has went through numerous structural, facial, and performance enhancements.  The fourth generation was launched in November  2006  as a 2007 model.  The model came with a high output 3.5Liter V6 engine with 306 horsepower due to changes with intake as a ram air effect giving significant performance enhancements.  In August of 2007, the 3.5L V6 engine was replaced by a more powerful 3.5L V6 engine producing 330 horsepower.  The G35 was a structurally more sound vehicle with improvements to stiffness of the frame with more spot welding and structural reinforcements.  There were changes to the front and rear styling cues. Many believed Infiniti refined and tailored the G35 from the ground up. This generation G35 sold very well and only continued Infiniti's success with the G series product.



In 2007 the new G coupe was reveiled at the New York International Auto Show.  The redesigned model was know as the G37 coupe paired with the 3.7 Liter V6 engine as a 2008 model.  Unveiled in the Geneva International Auto Show, the 2009 model of the G37 sedan was unveiled.  Many have raved about this model of the G series. Enthusiasts believe the G37 offers the best of style, class, and performance.  Car enthusiasts love cars that stand out from the other cars in the market and this Infiniti was a perfect example of this.  In 2010, there was a face lift with minor changes such as updated grill and moved fog lights.



In 2013, Infiniti shakes the automotive industry with the unveiling of Q50/Q60.  When many people thought that Infiniti could not improve on their luxury sedan/coupe  combo, think again.  Many people do not want to be the typical executive that drives in a BMW 3 series. The Q series offers what BMW provides or dare I say even more.  The Q50 designates for the sedan and the Q60 for the sedan.  Infiniti calls their grill the double arch kind of similar of the BMW kidneys.  Many enhancements include  led headlights, smaller pillars for more visibility, adaptive steering for a smoother ride, dual touch screens for more personalization, and plenty of more goodies to name.  The 3.7 Liter V6 engine still offers the 328 horsepower of the latter.  Of course, the design is what make this nameplate with the Q series an extraordinary feet.  A very aggressive stance, large clean grill, shark like headlights,  and the smooth flowing lines of the body shows that this Q nameplate is not like anything else out on the road. The sedan model does not come in manual but with manual paddle shift mode in a 7 speed automatic transmission. The coupe comes in both the 7 speed automatic and 6 speed manual transmission.  For the first time, the Q50 offers a hybrid model with a 3.5L V6 engine with an astounding 360 horsepower and 36 miles per gallon. None the less, Infiniti has out done themselves this time.



Bottom Line: The Q50/Q60 is a stellar improvement from the G series.  Infiniti is propelling itself as a luxury and performance brand on its own level.  Many enthusiasts have been raving  about this change and I think it might be a great one for Infiniti.  I am not a fan of the nameplate change, but I think this change might help in their favor.  I can’t imagine where Infiniti can goes next with their Q series.  The Q series brings something new to the table and will definitely turn some heads.



Photos courtsey of NetCarShow, MotorAuthority, and BoldRide.

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