Her First Fender Bender

One of the worst feelings is to come home from work and to find out someone has sideswiped your car. Almost two weeks ago I felt like I was punched in the stomach. It was so heartbreaking to see my car damaged by some shameless jerk that doesn't have the backbone to come forward and claim their mistakes. I couldn't just sit their in grief of course, I needed to do something about it. IMG_20130926_170720_130 IMG_20130926_170833 IMG_20130926_170815 IMG_20130926_170802 I had bought my 2012 Ford Focus over a year ago and I have enjoyed every minute of her. I have tried to take care of her to the best of my ability and this was the first time I had any major problem.  I felt as though I had gotten a personal attack when I saw her damaged.  I always tend to feel I have a great relationship with my car.  When something like this happens, it not only hurts the car, it hurts me as well.  The overall damage to the car was to the driver door, fender, and front bumper.  It looked as though someone either came too close or just wasn't paying attention. The fender bashed inwards.  The bumper had a chunk taken out of.  The door was smashed inwards as well.  Without a doubt someone had sideswiped and just left me to pick up the pieces.  It had honestly killed me not to know who had been responsible for the damage.  Things happens and at least if it was an honest mistake or something explainable, it would have made me sleep a little bit better that night. But at the end of the day, I am responsible for my own property and these are things that you have to deal with as an adult. Looking had how bad the damage was made me realize how thankful that I had coverage.  In today's world, covering the damages for any type of accidents could really hurt your bank account.  I knew that with my current insurance company, Progressive Auto Insurance that I would be covered with the utmost service.  Time was ticking and I knew I needed to call Flo at Progressive. I wish Flo was the one that answered their calls. Those catchy commercials never can get out of my head! As soon as I got on the phone with Progressive they were very hospitable and very helpful to get all the information in regards to the accident. The claim representative told me I had one of two options either to come to drop the car off at the Progressive Service Center in Willow Grove, PA or to a local body shop. She told me that it was totally up to me what I wanted to do. She had explained to me that I would be set up instantly with a rental car and drop off my call all in one place. I was pretty skeptical, so I ended up telling her I would call them back with my decision.  The next day, I did some research first and saw that the reviews were really great.  I honestly didn't feel like having to go to two separate places to drop off my car and get a rental car.  I ended up calling the service center and asking some more questions.  The representative at the Willow Grove Service Center was very professional and inviting over the phone.  He gave me a step by step on the whole process from dropping off the car, going over the damages, and handing me the keys to the rental car. I felt pretty good and the hours were also late so that I could accommodate my job which I leave around 5pm.  I drove up to the Progressive Willow Grove Service Center and was taken care of as soon as I walked into the door.  They were very hospitable and friendly to every single guest that had walked in.  The gentleman that handled my claim, really made me feel great about making the decision to come there. He made sure to listen to all my concerns and to clearly explain everything that was to go into the process. We had both walked about the car to clearly see the damages.  He had marked down the damages on the car itself as well as on his paperwork.  Once that was done, we had signed off on the paperwork and signed me on the rental car agreement.  He pulled out a Mini Cooper as my rental car and offered to help me move my belongings to the rental car.  He really showed that he cared about me as a customer and I felt appreciated which is something that every customer should always feel. IMG_20131007_175137459 I had checked off the box on the paperwork to send me the overall damage inspection before any work would start.  I had dropped off my car on a Thursday night and I did not hear anything until Monday after at around 4:30pm.  By the time I had seen the call after I was waiting for it the whole day, he was unable to be reached since the hours of operation were closed at 5pm.  The next day I had called all morning to get in touch with the claim adjuster and for the life of me I could not get in touch with him.  It wasn't until the afternoon that I decided to call back in and I finally got someone to get process going started. This person was not even my claim representative which got be a bit irritated but I didn't care.  He had told me he was going to pass along the information to the adjuster that I was returning his call and I gave him all the contact information he would need. Later in the day, a Progressive representative had called me about the  inspection and assured me about the parts/labor.  By Thursday, she had given me a call to follow up with everything and told me that by Monday everything would be complete.  Monday rolls around and like she had told me, the car was completed.  Like clockwork, both my girlfriend and I dropped back into the Service Center.  I had gotten a different representative this time and I had say that it was a totally different experience.  He was not as inviting as when I dropped off the car.  He seemed as though he was just there to do his job.  He helped me with everything I needed and it was pretty straight forward. He brought the car around and my Focus looked AWESOME! IMG_20131007_181106211 IMG_20131007_181114834_HDR\ IMG_20131007_181121457 IMG_20131007_181130107 Bottom Line: Overall I was happy that I had taken the opportunity to work with the Progressive Service Center.  I can't say the whole experience was perfect, but I am very satisfied with the overall final product. My Focus looked like nothing had ever happened to her which had made me feel very happy. If I were to be in this situation again, I would take the Service Center option in a heartbeat and would recommend their services to other Progressive policy holders.

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