Fast 6: Jensen Interceptor

Ever since the movie Fast 6 of the Fast and the Furious movie series, the world has been intrigued to learn about these unique eye-catching vehicles.  With the come back of Letty Ortiz played by Michelle Rodriguez, we all knew that she was going to have a kick ass ride. She is a tough chick who could take any guy down with their best ride, so who would expect anything less than the best. Letty's romance with the American muscle crazed Dominic Torretto, makes the unveiling on any car that she drives that much more exciting.  A dark grey matted paint with black racing stripe Jensen Interceptor was the answer. chrysler_1971-interceptor_r34_fe_315131_717big_05 Many car aficionados knew about the Jenson Nameplate, but I am sure for most people, it's your first time hearing about them. In 1934, the Jensen brothers had formed Jensen Motors Limited.  They had built an astounding reputation of having excellent craftsmanship and engineering.  The Interceptor was built to take on the well-known British counterpart, the Jaguar XJ-S.  Although the components of the car were British, the heart of the car was an American Muscle, Chrysler 383 cubic inch (6.2 liter) or a 440 cubic inch (7.0) carburetted engine.  If you have a chance to have a one on one with an original Interceptor, there is a sense of grace and elegance that emits from this vehicle.  Some vehicles are built to get from point a to point b. This vehicle was meant to give you an experience.  The Interceptor is sporty without all the excess weight like many other vehicles.  The soul of the Interceptor exudes class and style. big_03 big_04When I picture a British luxury sports car, I picture a fine tailored suit. I picture James Bond ready to take on the world and ready to take action.  James Bond has the look of masculinity, elegance, and toughness. One could compare this to the Aston Martin, but that is an easy comparison. The Jensen defines a true luxury sports car as being sharp and clean-cut. Built on the standard of two hard-working brothers, they developed a company that would provide that same characteristic.  The Interceptor is tailored for the public as a stand alone competitor of luxury.big_10 Dennis McCarty, the car coordinator of the Fast 6 movie, was responsible for all the modification of Letty's Interceptor. The vehicle was equipped with a GM LS3 engine, which is the same 6.2 liter found in the current Chevrolet Camaro. There were three working vehicles built-in all. The transmission is 3 speed automatic with a Ford rear axle. The side pipes are actually functional. The interior was left bare with basics, nothing like a typical luxurious British interior. As you can see, this car is not really anything like the classic Jensen Interceptor. For any vehicle to be in a Fast and the Furious movie, you have to expect something edgy and that isn't something that you just buy off the car lot or from a collector.  chrysler_1971-interceptor_f34_fe_315132_600 chrysler_1971-interceptor_r34_fe_315132_717 INTERCEPTOR2chrysler_1971-interceptor_eng_fe_315132_717The days of tuned subcompact has been upgraded to modified classic cars.  This change for the Fast and the Furious has brought a new dimension into the brand of the movie series. I personally have a love hate feeling with the change of the Fast and the Furious series. I love that they have changed the persona of street racing into a heist movie.  On the other hand, it changed the backbone of the Fast and Furious series that was originally based on its street racing tuning scene.  The current Fast and the Furious heist movies has done very well and seems to get that much more recognition than the first couple of the Fast series.  The Jensen Interceptor that was made for Letty fits her personality perfectly.  I would say that the original Interceptor would not fit her at all. To appreciate the Fast 6 Jensen Interceptor without recognizing the British clean-cut classic car would be unacceptable in my opinion. big_15   Photos courtesy of and

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