Ultimate Driving Machine: BMW M Series

The BMW brand of cars personifies the meaning of automotive elegance and performance.  Undeniably you will know it is a BMW by its kidney stone grill, sharp piercing headlights, and beautiful flowing lines.  No matter which model of BMW you drive, every model are given the same amazing quality, style, and overall luxury. It is these qualities that make BMW an automotive powerhouse to this day. When car enthusiasts talk about luxury and performance, the M nameplate are usually named as one of the best. The M nameplate brings all the familiar qualities of BMW to a whole different level. M5_1025x475_exterior_1M5_1025x475_exterior_2 The legacy of the BMW M series is one of the most prestigious nameplates in car history.  The M standing for Motorsport has been a worldwide icon in the past 40 years. Many performance division cars in other car companies have spawned to try to take on the performance giant, but fall behind due to their lack of longevity and cutting edge technology. BMW has been cultivating performance and technology decades before the M nameplate even existed.  The 1940 BMW 328 Mille Miglia was known to be one of the fastest in its time due to its lightweight aluminum and quick inline six engine.  Times have changed, but the BMW has been always ahead of the pack and setting the standard for the rest of the automotive industry. bmw-icons-328-mm-02 BMW-328_Kamm_Coupe-1940-wallpaper The one that started the M series, the BMW M1 was built to win races.  The M1 was the first mid engine BMW with the help of Lamborghini.  They were able to produce different chassis, prototypes, and manufacture vehicles for BMW. The vehicle's designer was Giorgetto Giugiaro, an Italian automotive designer that was responsible for many stellar super cars and everyday vehicles. He took cues from the BMW Turbo concept. The car was equipped with a M88/1 3.5  Straight 6 Engine with Kugelfischer Fuel Injection.  The engine had 6 throttle bodies and 4 valves per cylinder producing 273 horsepower in the street legal version, while many turbocharged racing versions produced over 850 horsepower. The M1 was build from 1978-1981. This vehicle rocketed from 0-60 in an outstanding 5.4 seconds, and 0-100 in 8 seconds.  The M1 was never officially exported to the United States. But many Americans were able to bring over multiple units.  Nimble, lightweight, and powerful were known to be strong characteristics of the M1. To this day, it is known to be one of best the vehicles of its time. In 2008, BMW came out with the M1 Hommage Concept to mark the 30th Anniversary of the nameplate. The stunning concept was designed by Paul Bracq. BMW-M1_1979_800x600_wallpaper_04BMW-M1_1979_800x600_wallpaper_01BMW-M1_1979_800x600_wallpaper_03BMW-M1_Concept_2008_800x600_wallpaper_06 BMW-M1_Concept_2008_800x600_wallpaper_17 Today, the M series is still as exceptional and excellent as its predecessor. With over 7 different M nameplates, the performance division has bloomed and continues to grow for many around the world to enjoy. The 2013 BMW M3 based on the current 3 series is one the most popular and longest running M nameplates. This model encompasses performance and style better than ever.  The combination of racing performance and everyday usability is provided by a staggering 420 horsepower engine.  Driving this M3  is a pleasure, with a double clutch system that helps to provide a 0-60 time in 4.5 seconds. The components of the car are consistent with lightweight and cutting edge technology.  The eight cylinder engine is lighter than the previous six cylinder.  The chassis has been tuned to bring increased lightness and stability.  The aerodynamics of the body are sculpted to ensure increased down force, extra airflow into the engine, and to provide overall performance.  The interior is build to keep the driver engaged and provide the best experience.  As you can see nothing is left without thorough consideration. M3_coupe_1025x475_exterior_12M3_coupe_1025x475_interior_2 M3_coupe_1025x475_exterior_2 What does the future hold for BMW M Series? As long as BMW continues to build cars, they will continue to innovate and excite the automotive community especially in the performance division.  Many automotive enthusiasts are always trying to found out what exciting vehicle BMW will come out with next.  With any BMW vehicle, they will all be kept guessing as they keep finding new ways to creative a better driving experience.  Rich with history, the legacy of BMW is one that continues to propel the company to the utmost standards and excellence. Performance and luxury, BMW is truly an ultimate driving machine.   Photos Courtesy of BMW & Netcarshow

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