Which Batmobile was the best?

What makes the Batmobile the best? Is it because of the actor who plays Batman? Is it because of its features? Or is it because of what we grew up watching?  Everyone will argue to the death with what makes which generation's Batmobile cooler than the others.  I personally enjoy each generation Batmobile as it gives a different character and feeling to the Batman movie saga. Who wants to support a superhero with a lame car? Batman is probably one of the coolest superhero fighters because of his car. He always has an arsenal of the coolest gadgets and the car that will make him get through any obstacle that the evildoers will throw at him.  I will go through each generation Batmobile and what cool features that you might not know about the vehicle.  Finally, I will share which Batmobile I think is the coolest. viaradiope2   Batman TV Series "Batmobile" - 1960s  viathehistoryblog POW! BAM! ZAP! Who doesn't remember the original Batman? It is probably the most iconic Batmobile to this day driven by Adam West.  This Batmobile is originally from the 1955 Lincoln Futura concept that was built in Turin, Italy for a cost of around 250,000.  Like with most concept vehicles, Ford never released the vehicle to public.  In the 1960s, the vehicle was bought by George Barris of Barris Kustom City from Ford for a whopping 1 dollar.  In 1965, the producers of the Batman TV series approached George to use the vehicle to create the Batmobile. The vehicle made its television debut in January of 1966. This Batmobile was so popular that the producers has requested Barris to make fiberglass copies. An interesting fact of the original Batmobile was that the vehicle was recently sold at a Barret-Jackson auction for a whopping $4.2 million in January for 2013.  Barris got a great return on investment with his Batmobile, that's for sure. I remember actually seeing this Batmobile on a vacation trip when I was growing up and couldn't be a happier little kid.  This iconic vehicle set the tone for many generations of Batmobiles to follow.   Batman, Batman Returns "Batmobile"- 1989, 1992

viamedialiveauctiongroupnet via3bpblogspot

The second generation of the Batmobile was drive by Michael Keaton.  I personally grew up watching this generation Batman; this was what influenced me to become a total Batman fan. There are actually five of these Batmobiles created. This Batmobile was the real deal.  It goes from 0-60 in an outstanding 3.7 seconds. This vehicle was made to be the most sophisticated and technologically advanced Batmobile.  There is over 70 coats of black pearl paint.  The car was actually hand-made and the body wobbles after 90MPH due to the uneven tail wings.  The current owner of this Batmobile is Jeff Dunham, whom uses the Batmobile regularly.  The cool part about this Batmobile is that when it starts up the license plate comes out. Since there are no mirrors, there are cameras instead that show multiple directions to help make the vehicle easily drivable on the road. I think the coolest part of this Batmobile is that when the Batman got into tight situations where he needed to escape or he wouldn't be able to fit, the car could be converted in the BatMissile. The car would basically shed away to a smaller and more efficient Batmobile.  I remember being blown away by this Batmobile.   Batman Forever "Batmobile" - 1995 viaharaldbelker The third generation of the Batmobile is driven by  Val Kilmer. If you don't remember this Batmobile, the Riddler played by Jim Carrey and Two Face played by Tommy Lee Jones should jog your memory.   The body is made from high performance laminate, making the vehicle very light.  The engine is actually a Chevy 350 ZZ3 High Compression motor. It pumps out an awesome 345 horsepower.  There are illuminated hubcups that show the bat insignia and the logos actually always stay upright. The body is painted in a sleek matte black. This batmobile is fueled by a 25 gallon propane tank and could be for sure driven fast.  This vehicle was a part of the sixth highest grossing film in 1995 and had pulled in higher grossing numbers than Batman Returns.   Batman and Robin "Roadster" - 1997 http://www.autogaleria.hu This fourth generation Batmobile is actually a convertible and was driven by George Clooney. Who could forget this Batmobile? It was used to fight Mr.Freeze who was portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  There is no room for Robin as this ride is a one-seater. The tires have batman logo treads. When driven over dirt, the logos are shown.  The engine also has a 350 ZZ3 Engine like the Batman Forever Batmobile. The hubcaps that have black logos illuminate blue.  The afterburner actually is in a V shaped when used. Not many people enjoyed this particular movie, but it will always go down as a classic in the Batman saga.   Batman Begins, Dark Knight , The Dark Knight Rises "The Tumbler" - 2005, 2008, 2012 viaradiope viastaticguimuk The most current generation of the Batmobile is driven by Christian Bale.  Probably one of the craziest Batmobile's ever is known as The Tumbler. An interesting fact is that this vehicle was not to be called the Batmobile in any of the scripts.  This 2.5 ton beast has an axle-less front wheels, jet burner in the back, built-in fire extinguisher system.  The body is actually made of fiberglass, so the vehicle could not actually be used for military use. Similar to the second generation Batmobile, a different vehicle pops out of the Tumbler known as the Batpod.  The Batpod is a six cylinder powered motorcycle and steered by the shoulders instead of a steering wheel.  I definitely think this Batmobile brought a different level of technology and overall feel to Batman.  This generation Batman was depicted as a more fierce and tougher than the latter. I think the vehicle match what the producers were trying to portray.   This is the moment of truth.  Which one do I think is the best Batmobile?  This is a difficult one and each Batmobile is just so cool.  I personally would have to go as the original as the best Batmobile.  The story behind creation and development was very interesting.  I feel as though many people would agree that this Batmobile will always be the Batmobile. But if I wanted to go with my close second, I would say the second generation Batmobile is the vehicle that I have always pictured as the one that I would want in my garage.  I always pictured fighting the Penguin and driving in Gotham City as a kid.  Whatever Batmobile you might like the most, everyone that enjoys Batman and these cars will continue evolve with time.  What is your favorite? Until the next time, keep Batman alive!  

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  • I think the “Keaton”mobile’s the best – very subtle and stylish and at the same time has the Bat-themed look.

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