Tri County Cruisers Car Show Recap

On a hot summer day of June 23rd, the 20th Anniversary of the Tri County Cruisers Car Show held in Wayne, New Jersey was a successful show.  There were plenty of muscle, classic, and down right interesting rides at this show.  If you would have thrown me here and had not told me that location, I would have though this was a California Hot Rod show! Pure excitement would probably describe the feeling the time that my father and I had!   Here are some of the awesome cars that we got a chance to check out! IMG_4164

This 1955 Chevy Bel Air Coupe was beautiful.  I didn’t get a chance to grab a picture. But this ride had a Corvette motor!


I love the low profile! It was for sure an awesome restoration job!

IMG_4156 IMG_4157

Right here is a Chevy Nova! It was for sure one of the coolest rides of the show!


This Ford Coupe was ready to drag race!


This Volkswagen Beetle was no love bug! A giant front mounted motor! I dig it!


IMG_4135I had to take a bunch of pictures of this Ford Custom Coupe! The details are off the charts!


I can’t imagine riding this bad boy on the streets! I am sure she gets looks everywhere she goes!


Look at the details! I’m amazed by the unique frame on this ride!


This is what I call STANCE!


Believe it or not this rat rod, sounded AWESOME!


Another stunning Ford Custom Coupe!



I love the Old Mercury Coupes! This one sweet hot rod!

IMG_4091IMG_4083\I probably wouldn’t drive it personally. But this 1956 Ford Crown Victoria was pretty cool!IMG_4085-2


This 1960 Dodge Phoenix was a beauty! I was told this was 90 percent original! That is pretty amazing!


Until next time, look out for the next post!

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