1935 Ford Coupe – Tri County Cruisers Car Show

As soon as I got to the 20th Anniversary Tri County Cruisers Car Show in Wayne, New Jersey, this1935 Ford Coupe caught my eye.   The owner truly loves details as much as I do.  There are tons of subtle modifications to this car that do not stick out to the average car enthusiast.  But I can’t go without saying that, I am a sucker for flames on an old school ride. There are tons of guys that have flames on their car and they just look awful to say the least. The colors on this flame-job  are blended in nicely and stand out from the base black paint. The edges of the flames are clean and fluid with the lines of the car.  The overall paint of the is vibrant and creates a  mirror look to the car.  I could probably go on for hours about this car, but I am overall very impressed with this Ford Coupe. This generation of Ford Coupe was the epitome of the classic hot rod.  There were tons of guys out that customized their rides with bigger engines, stand out paint, and any other modification that would personalize or improve their automobile.  Many believe that this genre of customization had started in California, where many guys would go to empty dry lake beds and race their rides.  This in turn created a nationwide phenomenon of popularity and pride in their vehicles. IMG_4017 IMG_4018 IMG_4019 IMG_4020 IMG_4023

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