CF Charities Super Car Show

On a gorgeous sunny day, the 1st Annual CF Charities Super Car Show was held at Naval Air Warfare Center Runway at Warminster, Pennsylvania.  There were a handful of beautiful cars that made it out to the event.  The proceeds of the event were to benefit dental care and education for disadvantaged children in the Baltimore, Philadelphia, Camden, and parochial schools. This event was a great opportunity to check out these super cars up close and personal.   The highlight of the show was the SSC Ultimate Aero, which has previously held the Guinness World Record for the fastest production car.  Many only know the Bugatti Veyron as holding this title, but this American made super car has given the French  auto  manufacturer a run for their money.   The Ultimate Aero has an astonishing 1287 Horsepower from a Twin Turbo Chevy 6.3 Liter V-8 Engine.  A few other vehicles that were highlighted were the McLaren 12C , Ferrari 458, Audi R8, Ford GT and many more.  I probably would have to say my favorite part of the event was to see a few of the cars race head to head and show their true heritage on the road. I look forward to checking out this event again next year and hope to see some more breathtaking super cars. Take a look below for highlights! IMG_3716   IMG_3723 IMG_3739   IMG_3721   IMG_3717   IMG_3700   IMG_3703   IMG_3710   IMG_3713   IMG_3696   IMG_3682   IMG_3684   IMG_3575   IMG_3679   IMG_3669   IMG_3670   IMG_3563IMG_3674   IMG_3676   IMG_3658   IMG_3659   IMG_3677   IMG_3668   IMG_3638IMG_3652 IMG_3661   IMG_3662   IMG_3572   IMG_3629 IMG_3626 IMG_3625 IMG_3630IMG_3623IMG_3603IMG_3591 IMG_3596IMG_3593 IMG_3614 IMG_3613 IMG_3606 IMG_3585 IMG_3587 IMG_3590 IMG_3568    

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