Product Review: Wipe New

Wipe New is an automotive product that is used to to renew, protect, and shine rubber and plastic surfaces of your vehicle.   After seeing this product over and over again on the infomercials  I saw this when I was at the store and figured it would be an opportunity to try this out. A product that will last two years after applying? Sign me up! Looking at the product, all I could think about was that I would be wasting my money.  I have personally tried tons of different products that do a great job for plastic/rubber surfaces, but the drawback is that you need to constantly apply them on or else they look the same as you had started and sometimes even worse. In my review, I will go through the steps I took to use the product and show the before/after pictures. IMG_2909 As you can see, here are the materials that come with the package; bottle of wipe new,  rubber gloves, 2 wiping cloths, 1 detail brush, 1 red headlight cloths, and 1 headlight prep pad. When I saw all these materials, I was taken back for a second.  Before I had done anything, I had read over the instructions to see what needed to be done. IMG_2920 As you can see my vehicle's mirrors look like they have seen better days and I figured it would be the perfect test subject for this product. IMG_2921 After reading the instructions, I knew this product was something I could not just throw on there without being careful.  I made sure to prep the surface and wipe down thoroughly with a de-greaser product.  As you can see, I made sure to tape around the mirror that I would be putting the product onto since the instructions had mentioned to not get onto the physical mirrors, paint, or glass. IMG_2922IMG_2923IMG_2919 Following the directions, with the rubber gloves on, I shook the bottle of wipe new thoroughly for 10 seconds and poured the content on the yellow cloth until saturated. IMG_2924 Now you can wipe the mirror using the yellow cloth.  Make sure to stay in the same direction. This product went on very easy and emits a very strong odor. (So make sure if you are putting this product in your interior, that you keep your windows open to ventilate the area!) IMG_2925 I noticed alot of lines or streaks that the product left behind from me wiping the product onto the mirror. These streaks are normal and should dissapear as the wipe new sets. IMG_2926 I sure hope the product looks this good after it sets! Let the product set for 24 hour and if needed apply a second coat after 10 minutes. IMG_2930-2 After 24 hours, here is what the the results.  The mirror does look a lot better than it did, but I personally have gotten the same surface to look a lot better using other products out there.IMG_2929-2 IMG_2927-2-2 So overall, the product did make the surface look better. I can't give a long term review until I wait for more than year and see how the product holds up.  However, I honestly did not like that the product seems very caustic and that you have to be very careful not to get  contents on your hands or any other surfaces.  I do not feel the product feeds into the hype that everyone puts into it.  The prepping was a lot more than what I had expected and the final product did not excite me like I thought it would.  Personally, I feel as though there are plenty of other products that will give you the look and protect your rubber/plastics areas of your car better. Hope you enjoyed this review and tune in for the next product!  

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