Car Care Tips: DIY Car Wash

Every car owner has a sense of pride for their vehicle.  We all live in a very fast pace lifestyle, but it is the little things that we do to take care of our personal belongings, in this case our car, that will keep us happy and protect our investment.  Many people know about the basics of cleaning, but how much do we actually pay attention when washing our car? I look at washing my car as taking care of my baby or my “prized possession.”  The reason for me going through each process step by step is to show how tedious you should be when washing your car to keep the paint of your vehicle in tip top shape!  I will go through step by step on how you should be washing your car. These are the items you will need: -clean bucket -auto sponge -automotive car wash -chamois or water absorbing cloth -garden hose with adjustable spout -elbow grease (you have to put some muscle and patience) IMG_2508                

 Alright let's get started!

IMG_2487 Step 1- Identify that your car is dirty. In this case, she is in desperate need to be washed. (Make sure you wash in a shaded area if possible.)IMG_2497 Step 2 – Lets make sure we wash her down. -Use a garden hose and make sure you rinse the car with a light shower. (Do not set the water at the highest setting as it will damage paint easily!)  —The more that you rinse down your vehicle, the more it will allow take the dirt off, the less likely you will scratch or damage your paint when you start physically washing the car. IMG_2495 Here is another view. Don’t be lazy! She won’t get clean on her own! Bend down and rinse around all the areas of your car! IMG_2513-2 Step 3 – Start by getting a clean bucket and make sure it’s clean! (You don’t want to be putting that gunk that is in the bucket on the car.) - Use a clean sponge, I always like to buy a new one at the auto store. I prefer using one of the soft kind, usually multicolored. -Use an automotive car wash soap like Meguiars or Zipwax and put 1 -2 cap-fulls of soap and pour them into the bucket. -Fill bucket with water, make sure sponge absorbs soap well, and soap/water well. IMG_2517-2 Step 4 – Start washing your car! (Make sure to start from the bottom and work your way down. You don’t want to drag dirt and grime from the bottom of the car to the top. ) -Use the sponge and work the soap in the paint. -Use plenty of soap and water. -Make sure to rotate your sponge and dunk your sponge in the soapy water to get rid of any picked up dirt from your vehicle. -There are times when you might pick up a rock or some kind of particle that might damage the rest of the vehicle if you are not careful. So pay close attention when doing this part! -Work the sponge in circular motions! Rinse and wash as you go along. IMG_2519 Step 5 – Don’t forget about the wheels, they need love too! (Either clean out the bucket you used or find another bucket.) -Make sure to use a different sponge and brush for the tires. -Make sure to take your time and clean the brake dust and grime off your wheels or in my case the hubcaps. -Make sure to scrub the tires down, so that the tire shine at the end will absorb a lot easier! IMG_2529-2 Step 6- Rinse  and repeat, rinse and repeat. Make sure you get all the soap and look for any missed spots. -Now you can use your chamois or water absorber to dry her down. -Work your way from the top and work downward, so that you won’t be doing extra work since the water will be moving downward. IMG_2533-2 Step 7 – Take a step back and look at how your finished product turned out. -Make sure to take a look to see if you missed any spots. -Apply wheel tire shine to the tires. IMG_2539-2 She looks alot happier now!  A little TLC will go a long way with your car. The longevity of the paint will be thanking you for the time and consideration you took to wash your car.  As you can see, I am car guy and I love taking care of my car.  I hope this post will help you be aware of taking care of your car and want to wash your own car as well!

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