Wheels of Wayne Car Show

On April the 21st, I had visited an awesome small town car show located in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania called Wheels of Wayne. The first annual show was put together by Radnor Township Recreation and Community Programming Department, along with the Wayne Business Association.  The weather was perfect, nothing but blue skies and warm weather! There were approximately 100 cars that were set in the middle of the street of a suburban town. The show featured numerous food vendors and local businesses throughout the town and local area. There were many classic American muscle and classic European cars in the event. Everywhere I looked there were tons of families, kids, and locals having a great time. If the event continues next year, I will definitely make it on my to do list for 2014!  Here's some highlights of the Wheels of Wayne Car Show! IMG_2214 Here is a picture of a late 1950s -1960 Chevrolet Corvette. This first generation is known as a first generation of the Corvette.  There are so many details and cues to this vehicle, I would love to drive one of these home. IMG_2215 Here is a view of the rear of the Corvette.  I love how the taillights are molded into the fenders as well as the bumpers are two separate pieces. This vehicle is truly American craftsmanship at its finest. IMG_2217 This luxurious ride is a 1965 Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.  I could only imagine how awesome being escorted out to town or city in this ride.IMG_2219 Rolls-Royce has always set the standard for class and luxury, this vehicle sure does represent those characteristics.IMG_2225 I had recently visted the Simeone Museum in Philadelphia that had many classic Aston Martin's like this one pictured at the event. I believe this a mid 1960s Aston Martin DB5, which everyone knows as the James Bond car.IMG_2221 The lines on the Aston Martin is truly a remarkable masterpiece.  I could look at this car all day!IMG_2231  This funky ride is a Fiat 600 Jolly, which I had thought was custom by the owner, but you were able to buy these from the designer Ghia.  They were known to be used for wealthy people that had brought this vehicle on their yacht when they wanted to bring their transportation with them.IMG_2229 The wicker seats in the vehicle are definitely something wild to see! IMG_2242 Nothing says a classic car show without a muscle car like the 1969-1970 Ford Mustang. IMG_2245 Here was another eye-catching green 1972 Ford Mustang. IMG_2249 This eye catching ride is a 1929 Ford Sedan Delivery.  I love the vibrant orange color and the design of the early Ford coupes. IMG_2248 Here is a back view Ford Sedan. As you can see the color definitely matches the company advertisement!   IMG_2256 Here is a picture of the Radnor Township Fire Truck.IMG_2259 There were so many little details to the truck. Here is a view of the crest of the Radnor Township Fire Department that I just had to get a close up on. IMG_2261 It was great that the town was able to bring the fire truck for the locales to get a close look at! IMG_2278 This vehicle is for sure not the Love-Bug from the movie, this Volkswagen Beetle was in pristine condition.IMG_2281 This Beetle was getting a ton of attention and as you can see the engine was nothing less than perfect. IMG_2282 Here is another view of the Beetle from the rear.IMG_2290 One of the few Alfa Romeo's  that you will catch at a classic car show. IMG_2289IMG_2297 Pictured above, I got a chance to speak with a representative of the Alfa Romeo Chapter of the Delaware Valley. IMG_2298 This young lady, also know as my significant other, got a chance to take a seat this beautiful ride! IMG_2305 Here is another gorgeous 1956-1957 Chevy Corvette.IMG_2303 As you can see compared to the Corvette earlier, the taillights are molded and set into the fenders.  It is amazing how you can to see the differences in these Corvette by these subtle cues. IMG_2311 This vehicle that was pictured at the front of the post is known as the 1969 Chevy Nova.   This car for sure had caught my at this event.  There is something about flames on a muscle car that makes me get really excited.  I have personally been too many car shows that I have seen other vehicles with flames and these flames are one of the best one I've seen.  This Nova was ready to race with a giant blower, large racing tires, and a wheelies bar, I would have to say it was one of the best cars in the show. IMG_2315 They were a ton of spectators that were confused what type of vehicle this, but this is late 1930s to 1940s Willys Americar.  The owner has put a ton of work in the Willys. The eye catching color is beautiful and the detail from the custom blown engine to the chrome in the underbody, just kept my mouth open the whole time.   IMG_2322IMG_2325 IMG_2329 Pictured above is clean Dodge Viper that until recently back into production under the name SRT Viper. This vehicle has giant V-10 motor producing over 600 horsepower. IMG_2331IMG_2347 Pictures above is a great looking Chevy Apache. IMG_2349IMG_2352IMG_2355IMG_2364IMG_2366 The Radnor Township Police provided their services for the event and also showcased their fleet of vehicles at the event.   IMG_2382 IMG_2390IMG_2387IMG_2354   I have not see to many of these up close and personal. This car is known as Ford GT, which was taken from the styling cues from the Ford GT40 of the 1960s.  The GT was only made for about two years to celebrate the centennial year of the automaker to bring back other nameplates like the Mustang and the Thunderbird.IMG_2393 This vehicle has nothing but power, the engine is a supercharged 5.4L V8, which is able to go 0-60 in under 4 seconds. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to come to this event! These cars were delicately picked to be showcased in the downtown venue.  They did a great job holding the event and I hope that they continue this event in the future coming years.  

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