#Shrinkallthecars Meet – FDR Park, Philadelphia

Last Sunday, April 15th, I attended #Shrinkallthecars meet at FDR Park in Philadelphia, PA.  The car meet was held to help raise money for the Fundraiser for Cory Burgess which was started by his friend, Chad Kreiling. Cory has been dealing with cystic fibrosis his whole life and is in need of a double lung transplant. Chad was able to get the automotive community behind him to help bring in more than $5,000 in donations for Cory! It really is great to see others joining in to contribute for people like Cory in his time of need. The FDR park was jammed packed; I don't think that they had expected so many cars to show up. Unfortunately because there was such a big turn out, the meet only lasted about 1-2 hours; the park ranger and the police had ordered everyone to evacuate the premises. Still, the event, though cut short, was a big success! IMG_2155   IMG_2126   IMG_2146   IMG_2147IMG_2127   IMG_2136   IMG_2153   IMG_2152   IMG_2144   IMG_2162   IMG_2168   IMG_2170   IMG_2174   IMG_2176     IMG_2165   IMG_2182   IMG_2180   IMG_2179   IMG_2178    

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