Product Review: Wizards Water Bandit

One of the best kept secrets in the car care cleaning world comes Wizards Water Bandit!  This product is amazing for drying your vehicle after good wash. It is made out of synthetic material and it is nothing like drying your car with father's deer skin chamois. IMG_0568 The water bandit is very easy to work with and to take care of; it does not shed and it also does not leave any residue! Once you're done drying your vehicle, the bandit can be thrown in the wash with a light detergent, folded, and put back in the case! IMG_0557 After a car wash, here is my test window before any drying. IMG_0558 After one wipe you can see the difference when using the water bandit! If you're looking for a product that gives your car that extra oomph after washing it, this is it! IMG_2587

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